Joni Ernst to campaign with Rubio Monday – IOTW Report

Joni Ernst to campaign with Rubio Monday

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10 Comments on Joni Ernst to campaign with Rubio Monday

  1. “Senator Marco Rubio Hands Out Pizza And Plays Cornhole”

    In that order?

  2. Further evidence that once an elected official hangs the artwork, surrounds themselves with staffers and sees how much of our money is allocated to their “discretionary spending”, the little people — that would be us — matter not at all.

  3. A hit right on the head! Why should they care anymore they have been elected to a level of rarified air that we don’t get to breathe. Besides, we now work or pay homage to them not the other way around!

  4. I can’t believe I didn’t see through her. I think it was her military appeal that fooled me. Should have known better.

  5. Her and Cory Gardner in CO turned out to be the same old shit. Yet these are the people that McConnell were so proud of getting elected. Too bad Sharon Angle and Ken Buck lost, they were game changers-I hear Angle might run again.

    What’s the point of even having elections? They tell you one thing when They’re running, get to DC and lose their GD minds.

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