Jordan and Meadows want DOJ inspector general to testify about Comey’s misconduct


House Republicans asked the Democrat-led Oversight Committee on Friday to call Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz to testify about his report on fired FBI Director James Comey’s mishandling of memos of his conversations with Trump.

Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Mark Meadows of North Carolina, two well-known Comey critics and Trump defenders on the Committee on Oversight and Reform, sent a letter to Democratic Chairman Elijah Cummings of Maryland asking him to convene a hearing with Horowitz “as soon as possible” to “examine the report about Comey’s misconduct.”

The new 83-page report from Horowitz harshly criticized Comey’s decision to remove his memos from the FBI after he was fired and to provide contents from the memos to a friend to leak to the media. Comey testified to Congress in 2017 that he hoped leaking this information “might prompt the appointment of a special counsel.”

Horowitz concluded that Comey made an “unauthorized disclosure of sensitive investigative information” related to Trump and condemned him for using official FBI records to “achieve a personally desired outcome.”

Jordan and Meadows also pointed out that Horowitz said Comey “set a dangerous example for over 35,000 current FBI employees — and the many thousands more former FBI employees — who similarly have access to or knowledge of non-public information” and that Comey’s FBI colleagues were “surprised,” “stunned,” “shocked,” and filled with “disappointment” when they learned what he had done. more here

SNIP: OK, look. This isn’t going to get Comey arrested or anything, it’s just to spray salt into his wounds and if so, I’m all for it.

Will Cummings convene a hearing against a fellow rat? Maybe he will if he doesn’t want Baltimore brought up again. 😉
We shall see.

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  1. Yes, i know i’ll be satisfied that justice is done if the ig testifies to congress. that’ll really show em.

  2. It staggers the imagination that people still fall for it.

    These legends in their own minds openly commit crimes.
    They get let off scot free.
    They laugh in our f’in face and ask for an apology from us.
    Then some dilweed says you need to vote for us next election and we’ll see justice done.

    over and over.

    how the fuck can people still fall for this?

  3. Given comey and clinton walk and epstein is dead, it seems we have lost our country to the swamp/left/islamic axis. Trump, as great as he is, is a holding pattern.

    The big one will be coming.

  4. Well of course. Waste more time and money on another useless sham investigation to hide the facts!

    The right is as bad as the left. Never has the term, ‘Stop the world, I want to get off,’ been more appropriate.

    Congress (that most distrusted body of shit) needs to stop this shit and do it’s job, which is NOT robbing and corrupting America, grifting, stuffing the pockets of your family, doing whatever the hell you want and getting away with it.


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