Jordan: Democrats Never Apologized or Admitted Being Wrong on Russia, Just Moved on to Ukraine


Monday during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) pointed out how his Democrat colleagues in the House of Representatives promptly moved on from alleging collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and the Russian government to wrongdoing by the Trump administration regarding its Ukraine policy.

According to the Ohio Republican, these actions continue to be a sign the Democrats continue not to accept the results of the 2016 presidential election.

“You’re just not going to get that from them,” he said. “They just double down and keep pushing on. And, frankly, that’s the same we hear from — see from the Democrat Party. I mean, that’s the same thing we see from Adam Schiff. Remember, he told us that there was going to be collusion. He would definitely see it. There’s been evidence of it. He guaranteed it would happen. And then when it didn’t happen, what did he do? He just moved on to this whole Ukraine story that we’ve now been living through for the past two months.” read more

12 Comments on Jordan: Democrats Never Apologized or Admitted Being Wrong on Russia, Just Moved on to Ukraine

  1. Admitting that you’re wrong requires maturity and a sense of responsibility to the truth.
    Looking for either from them is a flight of fancy.

  2. After Nov.2020 the democrats will be reinvigorated.
    More tantrums, hate & more anti-fa brownshirt attacks.
    Epstein Did Not Kill His Self
    neither did prince andrew

  3. They did not move on from Russia to Ukraine: they expanded their scope out from Russia to include Ukraine. Remember what Nadler said.

    I think they will investigate the rumour that Trump got a ticket for jaywalking in 1962.

  4. The words shame, integrity, truth, courage, decency, consistency, facts, knowledge and patriotism all represent awkward hypothetical constructs and myths to democrats. I’m surprised that the good Rep. Jordan hasn’t learned that (sarc/ for the last sentence)

  5. Anonymous; The Judge has two heads, the democrat head is the predominate one (fatter, over inflated with hot air).

  6. Hey Jim, until someone beats the shit out of them and makes them cry for mommy they will not apologize. Maybe our side should start winning some battles instead of complaining that those guys aren’t playing fair.

  7. Don’t forget stormy and the other low-level bullshit they’ve pushed.
    how long we gonna let these assholes shove OUR president around?
    I’m sending poison pen letters to the usual suspects WEEKLY.


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