Jordan: We Do Not Want Palestinians

Gatestone Institute: A recent decision by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) to cut back its services has left Jordan and other Arab countries extremely worried about the possibility that they may be forced to grant citizenship rights to millions of Palestinians.


During the last few weeks, many Jordanians have expressed deep concern that the UNRWA measures may be part of a “conspiracy” to force the kingdom to resettle Palestinian refugees.  more

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  1. So the Jordanians are alarmed by what the UN is doing and that “…they may be forced to grant citizenship rights to millions of Palestinians.”

    I’m sure the Jordanians joined the UN because they thought it would be a mechanism for getting goodies/power at the expense of the US and the rest of the developed nations. Now they’re seeing that the rest of the world is trying to get their way at the expense of the Jordanians.

    Boo-frickin-hoo! There’s some justice in seeing those who made the bed being forced to lie in it.

  2. Nobody ever wanted the Palestinians except as a stick to beat the Israeli’s with. After the Israeli’s they are the second most hated and despised people in the middle east. Hell, if they had any brains they’d make nice with the Israeli’s and stand together with them against the rest of the Arabs, Persians and whatever the hell else lives in the middle east.

  3. it all goes back to the Balfour declaration. The plan was to divide up the land but the Heshemites rebelled and would not let what is known as “the Palestinians” on the land which is what started the whole refugee thing in the first place. They have been a political tool of the anti Semites ever since;.


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