Joshua Tree, CA: Deputies find 3 kids living in a box

NIXLE:SBSD – Morongo Basin Sheriff’s Department

[…]On Wednesday, February 28, 2018, at approximately 11:04 am, deputies from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, Morongo Basin Station, were conducting an area check in the 7000 block of Sun Fair Road in Joshua Tree.


SBSD – Morongo Basin Sheriff’s Department

Deputies located a travel trailer, which appeared to be abandoned, and a large rectangular box made of plywood on the property. The property had no electricity or running water. Several large holes and mounds of trash and human feces were located throughout the property. Approximately 30-40 cats were located inside the trailer and roaming freely. While checking the property deputies contacted three victims ages 11,13 and 14. Mona Kirk and Daniel Panico were found on the property and determined to be the parents of the victims.  MORE

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  1. And People want to bitch and whine how unfair life has been to

    them…There’s probably so much more to this story

    But I don’t want to stick My head in that travesty.

    Kids are probably fugged…

  2. From the link: During the investigation, deputies learned the three victims have lived in the large rectangular box, (approximately 20 feet long by 4 feet high by 10 ft wide) for approximately four years.

    Please join me in prayer for these three children. And the next time a progressive ass starts yapping about more money to save a dung beetle or some other inane BS, ask them how much they’ve personally done for their community to take care of the needs of anyone without getting a free T shirt for it.

  3. I’ll bet good money this family moved it’s living arrangements from Tijuana north 145 miles. odds are they’re illegals.

  4. I really wish that the media, the authorities, etc. would stop constantly referring to someone that anything remotely bad happens to as a “victim”. It’s getting old. Of the 6 instances of the term in the police report, only the first was necessary, and that was to differentiate them from the suspects. In all the other cases, the word “children” would have sufficed.

    Seems like everyone’s a “victim” nowadays, especially Snowflakes.

  5. That structure is the exact Blueprint for a Tijuana Hill house, if they aren’t from Mexico then they sure adapted quickly !
    I do feel empathy either way, they are in a tough situation with Kid’s.


  7. when you open the door, without reservations, to everyone from a Third-World Shithole, what did you expect?

    I don’t blame the Third-World Shitholers, I blame those that allowed this … what sort of low-life individual are you to condone this? … those are the people that thoroughly disgust me … the one’s who perpetuate this poverty of humanity for the sake of power

  8. Mexican box shack. Probably illegal. I’m truly sorry for these kids.

    Half the planet lives like this. And many live far worse.

  9. IKEA does condos with cat herds?….something about tennis racket manufacturing comes to mind….

  10. With names like Mona Kirk & Daniel Panico, I don’t know BB. She’s out of Santa Ana & he’s out of Twentynine Palms. I’m surprised they didn’t make their way to Slab City, but that may have been too upscale for them.
    Cats to keep the vermin under control, and they bring their own set of problems (not overly fond of cats, unless they’re the kind that think they’re a dog, like a Maine Coon), and basically living like feral humans. Damn. Just damn.

  11. Ahh hah.

    “not overly fond of cats, unless they’re the kind that think they’re a dog, like a Maine Coon”

    We have something in common there. I don’t trust the people reporting this story. Especially if it’s a news agency from California. I’m sticking with illegals.
    P.S. 29 Palms was a weird freaken place back in the 70’s and 80’s. I can only imagine it’s gotten worse.

  12. I’ve seen several stories on this. Their house burned down. They own the lot. If they were “homeless” like the 58,000+ residents of the LA river, they’d be a protected aggrieved class. But from everything I’ve read they’re apparently just “poor”, and attempted to make due… Which is of course not allowed in California.

    I do feel for the kids, and they do need an education. But they’re not malnourished, not being abused beyond the circumstances of poverty, and living in a shack in Joshua Tree… The crime is that the cost of living in even the a**hole of California is so high… So where’s the GoFundMe page to get them some junk hauling, a fixed up trailer, and some electricity & water?

    Exactly… You’re being trolled by the media… Again…


  13. As a 7th grader I recall having our ‘headquarters’ in that same sized box.
    One night we were seriously interrupted by the screeches and howls of an unknown loud and boisterous critter.
    Never went back!

  14. when I traveled and worked in la years ago.
    whenever we had to stay over on a weekend.
    we would load up the rental car with beer and visit the Joshua tree national forest.

    great times.

    what ? kids in a box in a desert ? well at least they weren’t aborted, they still have a chance in life, thank God.

    the aborted kids not so much.

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