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Joy Behar Calls Megyn Kelly A ‘B*t*h’ On Daytime TV

DC: Joy Behar and her fellow co-hosts “The View” attacked Megyn Kelly Tuesday for her feud with Jane Fonda over a plastic surgery question she asked the actress during an interview last year.

The comment came during a panel discussion on the NBC host blasting Fonda Monday over the actress calling Kelly “not that good of an interviewer.” During her show, Kelly defended her question and brought up Fonda’s controversial actions during the Vietnam War for which she earned the nickname “Hanoi Jane.”

“Honestly, she has no business lecturing anyone on what qualifies as offensive,” Kelly said in the clip aired ahead of the discussion.

“Nor do you, nor do you,” Whoopi Goldberg responded.

“To drag the Vietnam War into a plastic surgery conversation is a real stretch, Megyn, okay?” Joy Behar interjected. “Also, why are people more angry with Jane Fonda about the Vietnam War than they are with Nixon and LBJ… it amazes me how you can focus on Jane Fonda.”  read more

20 Comments on Joy Behar Calls Megyn Kelly A ‘B*t*h’ On Daytime TV

  1. When people called Cathy Newman a bitch, that was tantamount to a “death threat” requiring heightened security at Ch4!!! NBC needs to issue a press release announcing armed guards due to the Joy Behar threat against Megyn!

  2. Joy BeHag judges MeAgain as “not that good an interviewer” because unlike BeHag, she won’t unwillingly latch onto a liberal icon’s shithole like she’s syphoning gas.

  3. Well, at the risk of seeming as if I’m defending Kelly, she wasn’t interviewing Nixon or LBJ, She was “focusing” on Fonda because Fonda was the one she had a conversation with and it was Fonda going around talking about Kelly. not Nixon or LBJ.

    How do people get this stupid, and worse, their viewers? Because obviously what they are saying works for a a segment of society who don’t take the time to actually listening to what these morons are saying. That’s pretty sad.

  4. God, I love it when the guppies eat their own.
    Pretty sure all involved here are extremely competent in knowing exactly what and who a bitch is.
    Or, in third grade vernacular, “Takes one to know one.”.

  5. Did Kelly ask Hanoi Jane why, if she knew for decades about Weinstein’s and Hollywood’s misogynist culture, did she not have the courage to speak out against THAT, but used the “safety” of a Hollywood stage to call POTUS Trump every vile anti-woman thing in the book?

  6. When you engineer your life to get away from petty, nagging, back-biting bitches, they find a way to stick it right back in front of your face.

  7. “You are, what you do willingly.”
    Who forced Hanoi Jane to go across the globe to produce Communist propaganda aiding our troops’ enemy?!
    She’s already admitted that her French pervert husband whored her out filming Klute, so she’s admitted to being a stupid tool. WHY CAN SHE NOT APOLOGIZE TO OUR US SOLDIERS FOR ANY HARM SHE’S DONE?! Even if she chooses to claim she didn’t meant to harm them?
    Why? Because she IS an anti-American, POS ingrate!

    The Vietnam War was dumped in LBJ’s lap when he became POTUS.
    Nixon campaign-promised and then delivered an end to US troop involvement.

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