Joy Behar Reveals She Was Hospitalized After Accidentally Stabbing Herself While Cutting an Avocado

Yahoo: Avocado hand has taken its next victim!

Joy Behar revealed on The Viewon Tuesday that she was forced to miss work on Monday after slicing her hand open while trying to cut an avocado.

“Saturday night, on my way to the event at the retreat, I stabbed myself in the hand with a knife,” she explained to her co-hosts. “I was trying to desperately eat something, so I was trying to open an avocado. So I stuck the knife into the pit to get it out … and I stabbed myself!”

Behar was taken to the hospital, where she stayed overnight and was administered an antibacterial drip to ward off infection. “Apparently there is a syndrome called avocado hand. It’s real!” she said. “The doctor said, ‘Oh, we get this all the time.’ Bagels also. Any time you’re holding the item, and you cut it, you can get this.”

The 75-year-old comedian is now on the road to recovery, and her co-hosts took special measures to ensure an accident like this one doesn’t happen again, as they gifted her with a safety glove and an avocado slicer.

“I’ll leave the dicing to Rachael Ray and only buy ready-made guacamole. That’s it!” Behar joked. “And Meryl Streep apparently had this too. I’m in good company.”   Watch (You don’t have to. lol)

SNIP: Nobody show this to Joy, please.

32 Comments on Joy Behar Reveals She Was Hospitalized After Accidentally Stabbing Herself While Cutting an Avocado

  1. Dang, hasn’t anybody told here to use a chain saw on those damn things? This woman has no redeemable qualities. None.

  2. Removing the pit from the half that suctions it is the difficult part. I cut open the buggers everyday . Besides using a spoon, or the tip of the knife, does anyone have an easier idea?

  3. “does anyone have an easier idea?”

    Yea, slam a sharp knife into the seed as it’s pointed towards the sky. Twist. Done. Do it about 20 times a week. No bleeding.

  4. Plain Jane, for starters you need something other than a paring knife to cut your avocado in half. Once you safely cut the avo in half, use your sharp, medium sized knife to chop just hard enough into the seed to embed the blade into the seed, and then twist like you are unscrewing the lid off a jar. You might want to check with Claudia on the proper use of comma’s in these instructions.

  5. joe6pak
    Sometimes I throw them in the air and shoot the seeds out. But that requires lots of alcohol.

  6. Plain Jane , wild crowd tonight. especially that sunofgun, Joe6pak. LOL. Try a heavy sharp knife. Luv ya.

  7. Oh, I get the knife tip into the dang pit and get tie pit out, it’s getting the darn knife tip out of the pit that scares me – daily. 🙂

  8. Plain Jane
    I gotta be honest. I never thought about how I jettison the seed. Just asked the currently evil wife, and she says I smack it against the side of the sink.

  9. @Bad_Brad: So, (notice the comma) you’re saying that when you want to jettison your seed, you just smack it against the side of the sink?



  10. Vietvet
    I’m a freaken rain bird sprinkler with my seed. LOL. Smoking some TriTip at my place next week end, Plane Janes making the Gauc. Be there, or b square. I think we can talk AA, Geoff, and Joeseph6pac ad his bride into coming down. We NEED MoeTom here. To soon? I’m open for any date.
    I got a pretty big place. Would love to see FUR and the ever elusive Mr. Pinko here. I’m imagining the conversation between us all. EPIC.

  11. Foolproof Avocado handling. Use a longer, sharp knife and cut it by slicing in until you get to the seed, then follow the seed around the circumference. Don’t use a short knife and hacksawing motion like the dunce in the video. You start near the base of the long knife because you have control and then sort of roll the avocado up the blade, holding the seed against the blade. When you’ve cut it circumferentially, just twist the two halves apart like in the video. The seed is removed by chopping the shaft of the blade into it. NOT the tip. Just twist the knife and avocado in opposite directions and the seed pops right out. Now squeeze it in your hand, rolling it around while you squeeze it. This releases the fruit from the skin. It’s very easy to use a spoon between the fruit and the skin to get the avocado half out almost intact.

  12. Oh Joy B, try this. All you need is a long bladed knife and a mirror. Pinch the avocado between your chin and your neck. Hold the mirror with one hand, the knife in the other hand and slice across from side to side.

    ok, sorry, just kidding. Actually I use Cynic’s first described method. I had already heard about the high incidents of avocado hand before I started eating them regularly so I knew to find a safe method for cutting them.

  13. You mean to tell me she found someone willing to stop her bleeding? People disappoint me sometimes.


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