Joy Reid Loses Over 20 Percent Of Audience After ‘Hacking’ Scandal


MSNBC’s Joy Reid may have avoided being fired over controversial posts on her old blog, but her program’s declining ratings present a new problem for the network.

Back in April, Twitter sleuths uncovered old posts on Reid’s now-defunct blog “The Reid Report” that were homophobic, transphobic, and conspiratorial in nature. Reid apologized for the posts but claimed that she didn’t remember writing them and that she may have been hacked — a spurious claim that remains unsubstantiated.

MSNBC stood by Reid, but her show “AM Joy” has been suffering losses in ratings ever since the scandal.

9 Comments on Joy Reid Loses Over 20 Percent Of Audience After ‘Hacking’ Scandal

  1. MSNBC ratings fall below HGTV.

    “More people are choosing to watch paint dry, than view MSNBC.” -Mike Broomhead, KFYI, Phoenix, AZ

  2. Rumor has it that the ratings from her show and PMSNBC in general are less than my cable company’s public access channel–but CNN still is managing to stay a point ahead of the organic gardening show!

  3. The breed of viewers that watch her show don’t like being reminded that they and their pundits are hypicrites. It hurts whatever feelings they think theyre having that day.
    She can always join Melissa and her hairy pair as a lecturer at some racist black college.

  4. Maybe it is ironic, females who are named Joy on TV, are the meanest, grumpiest, bunch of losers than can be found anywhere. This may just must be a statistical abnormality.


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