Joy Reid: Russia’s Pundit

Patriot Retort: Well, this is just getting embarrassing. The Daily Caller is reporting that Joy Reid was the favorite pundit of the Russian trolls.


Has anybody told her yet?

From the Daily Caller:

In a hilarious twist of fate, MSNBC anchor Joy Ann Reid, who has repeatedly called out Russian election meddling, was the favorite pundit of the Russian trolls indicted by Robert Mueller.

Reid, who hosts a weekend show on the network, received the most retweets of any pundit from the Russian troll farm, according to a review by Law and Crime.

You know, I would feel bad for Joy if she wasn’t such a hateful, wretched woman.

But it must be all manner of humiliating that Russian trolls were retweeting this MSNBC pundit who has spent over a year accusing Donald Trump of collusion with the Russians.  MORE HERE

15 Comments on Joy Reid: Russia’s Pundit

  1. She is so ungrateful for the opportunities that have been provided by this nation as the daughter of African immigrants. On her program her guests push the limits of civil discourse to point of calling for the outright overthrow of the USA. MSNBC might be overtaking CNN when it comes to Leftist moonbattery.

  2. BB – just finished watching. The anti-2A were well represented. I get their pain, but the problem — as POTUS well knows — is not guns. It’s who’s using them.


  3. The two parents representing Sandy Hook Promise don’t believe that mentally ill people are the problem.

  4. Geoff
    Heart breaking testimony from that father and his sons. But they have it figured out. I wonder if that’s the father that was wearing the Trump shirt that’s been getting bashed on twitter non stop?
    The only way to immediately solve this problem is trained teachers with guns. Jerry Brown will be so disappointed.
    Big home run for Trump.

  5. While the anti-gunners are empowered by the Left and petitioning officials in the aftermath of a shooting, it was Leftist Joy Reid who suggested there was no moral duty to feel sorry for congressman Steve Scalise when he was gunned-down by a man empowered by Leftist ideology.


  6. Just more gorilla dust, DJT needs to wait for everyone to calm down before he agrees to any concessions or the next squirrel

  7. She deserves no sympathy whatsoever. She is only slightly (maybe) different from some would be burglar who kicks down your door and comes in to beat and rob you. Her theft is of truth and trust (not saying that any but the terminally deluded would grant any MSNBC/CNN hate agent any trust)


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