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Joy Villa At It Again At The Grammys

Apparently hoping to match the sudden surge in recording sales last year after the Grammys, singer Joy Villa was outfitted this year with a right to life message (complete with “Choose Life” purse in case the dress was too subtle).  More   

While Joy was the belle of the ball for a while last year after wearing a pro-Trump dress to the Grammys, the Scientologist disillusioned many with her obvious attempts at self-promotion.



12 Comments on Joy Villa At It Again At The Grammys

  1. I’m done with her, “Look at me!” attention whoring. Try to fool me once…

  2. She is a Scientologist? that right there tells me everything I need to know about her. Not getting drawn in by this attention seeker again..

  3. Should rename it “The Hood Rats Awards.”

  4. Great message; but she is quite an attention whore.

  5. The conservative better think twice about Promoting this this opportunities bitch.

  6. Scientologist? Three strikes right there. Scientology is a terminal cancer. Period.

    I have only an inkling of who she is, and as previously mentioned, it seems she is a self-aggrandizing shitbag.

    But, as long as she thumbs a turd at the normal flow of political bullshit in left wing entertainment worlds, you go, gurrl.

  7. who? oh ya, joy parasite villa, oh ya, joy succubus villa, oh ya, joy pocahontas villa. isn’t she tom cruises new next soon to be devoid of a brain, personality, and soul, girlfriend. nope never knew her.

    but here’s everything you might what, or not care, to know about this leech.

    and this one here, this is awesome and says exactly who and what she is. along with all the other daft dolt dweb derps she surrounds her self with. she’s like the opposite of johnny deep, only she’s lockstep into fucking scientology. it’s beautify. she should dig a hole and just bury herself because as fast as her career started it flamed out faster. stick a fork in her, she’s done!.

    bye, joy ‘Felicia’ villa

  8. At least she was out trolling the Leftists….. 🙂

  9. Welcome back, Webonot! Long time no see (at least here)!

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