Joy Villa Exploring A Congressional Run In Florida

The incomparable Joy Villa has indicted she is examining different congressional districts in Florida to challenge a “RINO” for a seat in congress.

The singer has committed to releasing her second album before deciding whether or not to jump into the political arena.


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  1. I’m beginning to appreciate William F. Buckley’s “Nominate the most conservative candidate who is electable.”
    Too bad these establishment candidates don’t just keep their damn promises they campaign on. I continue to believe these unknowns are just going to bring way too much baggage and they aren’t going to be elected. Like Moore, they just aren’t good candidates. And it doesn’t mean they aren’t good people but they don’t have mass appeal and they tend to say things or believe things that are very off putting.
    The one issue the GOP can win with is immigration. Just go back to that single issue and follow through when you get elected.

  2. “I’m looking from everywhere from Jacksonville all the way down to Miami,” Villa told Fox News.”

    Smart move! I wish her luck.

  3. Joy to the World! Saw her on Fox this morning. She’s like the honey badger, only better lookin and will go for what she wants. I wish she’d mover to Connecticut and take on any of our left of Stalin Congressional party. She has to be better than any of our morons.

  4. The chick is a scientologist. A big donor to the cult, don’t think anyone wants a scientologist in congress, seriously. Plus she is an opportunist, she supported Bernie before she decided her best bet to get famous was to ride on Trump’s coattails.

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