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Joy Villa played us


I owe you all an apology.

Last summer I promoted Joy Villa’s single “Make America Great Again.” And I’m sorry.

I got played.

Now, granted, I wasn’t the only one who got played by Joy Villa. She snowed a lot of people with her “Look at me! I’m a Trump supporter!” shtick.

I know I’m not alone.

But I absolutely hate being played.

Here’s why I owe you an apology.

I began to suspect that Joy Villa was playing Trump supporters back in September. But I didn’t say anything. All I did was stop following her on Twitter. And I really should have said something.

See, I started seeing the red flags after Hurricane Harvey slammed into Texas.

Villa took to Twitter and conducted a poll asking her supporters whether or not she should travel to Houston to help with hurricane relief.

Call me cynical, but I found that inappropriate.

If you feel called to offer your help, you just go. You don’t run a poll on Twitter to see if your fans support the idea.

To me, this was Villa gauging whether or not volunteering would be worthwhile publicity for her.

And I hate publicity whores.

Then when she polled her Twitter followers to find out if she should run for Congress and from what state, I had enough. I dropped her like a hot rock.

Not long after that, I started seeing rumblings on Twitter about Villa’s embrace of Scientology – specifically from Vinnie James. And I thought to myself, “Boy, I’m glad I stopped following her.”

But I should have said something to you guys. I should have said something stinks about Joy Villa’s supposed embrace of MAGA.

But I didn’t. And for that, I’m sorry.

We got played.

Villa got exposed as a fraud and now is grasping to regain relevance.

So it’s not surprising to me that Joy Villa is making news again.

No, she didn’t wear an Covfefe gown to an awards show.

Instead, she is hopping like an attention whore onto the #MeToo movement.

Hey, anything to keep her name and face in the news, right?

Villa now claims that Corey Lewandowski “sexually assaulted” her.  MORE

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  1. Ha! I remember when she ‘decided’ she was going to run in Florida. The story was posted here, and I thought, yeah okay. Rah rah! lol. it didn’t sound serious at all. But I didn’t know the story behind it and that she took a poll about it. Geez. What a self serving skank.

  2. I started doubting after reading the details of her supposed intention to run for congress in Florida by targeting an incumbent Republic seat rather the awful democrats in that state.

    It seemed unserious and superfluous.

  3. PS Don’t be too hard on yourself, Dianny. Remember all the “tea party” candidates that we were deceived by after they got elected? No difference.

  4. Well if she is planning on running for orifice, she really screwed herself. Nobody on either side will vote for her now. Not to mention her story is thin.

  5. She pissed off the left, pissed off the right, ‘everybody hates Joy.’
    Now she’s Hollywood Scientology? She doesn’t have the kind of cash she needs to hang with them. LOL

  6. Hi Dianny,
    The first one is always free! The adage is: Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!
    don’t beat yourself up for not sharing a suspicion, that only shows your human!

  7. She’s probably going to be a new darling of the nevertrumpers now, as she swirls around the bowl. Just plain tawdry.

  8. We all know the Trump Curse is real, look at what happens to the openly antiTrumpers… karma is going to bite her ass soooo hard – I can barely imagine what the Curse will wreak on her for her duplicity. It ain’t gonna be pretty folks, and when it happens I am going to claim credit for predicting it!

  9. On an off topic; Ladies please
    stop with the hideous demonic fanged ugly
    horned jailhouse tats.They do nothing
    but degrade you.

  10. She’s a bit behind the curve….Corey Lewandowski???? That wasn’t too successful for Michelle Fields, however, it did rip the mask off little Ben Shapiro.

  11. “The hatred for Ms. Villa is strictly pigmentation based.” ~ Larry the Liberal

    Racist liberals always assume racism is the motivation for others, too.

  12. Well, Aunt Liz, she does have a huge ass. A simple random wave of your hand in any given room that she is in would give you a 50/50 shot at hitting it.

  13. When she went to the police office to report that crap . The police officer should have Lol in her face . She is a disgrace .

  14. Reminds me of this old version of The Night Before Christmas:
    Twas the night before Christmas and everyone wuz feeling Mary… so Mary left.
    Then everyone jumped for Joy and she left too.
    So we all went down to the local gas station and pumped Ethyl

  15. Sorry guys, gotta brag. I called it;

    99th Squad Leader
    FEBRUARY 13, 2017 AT 10:14 AM

    “Brave girl. Hope she actually supports the President and his policies. Everything in Hollyweird is for show and publicity stunts are common place. So, time will tell if she’s still on board a year from now.”
    BTW, Ditto Bad_Brad. A bit of caution goes a long way.

  16. Immediately looked her up after she initially ‘wowed’ people with her MAGA dress… her other ‘dresses’ at award shows involved no underwear and no fabric. Just plastic netting.
    …kind of had nothing to do with her from the get-go bc of that.

  17. “We all know the Trump Curse is real”

    Zilla, Really? Not a curse for me. Or for 98% of Americans. Where in the hell are you going with that?

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