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Joy Villa record sales soaring

showing love and support.. just purchased her songs to see what she’s about

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  1. I actually really like this video. It’s one of the few relatively recent pieces of music that I like. i’m thinking of purchasing it. God bless her and she really has coverage.

  2. Somehow, liberal death threats on social pages, need to be stopped. The liberals are terrorizing innocent people. And it’s getting out of hand. Domestic terrorizing is an illegal act. I’m tired of waiting for the hissy fits to stop. As long as they are getting paid, it will continue. Time to make arrests.

  3. Surprised I really enjoyed that song. I usually don’t like female singers – if they don’t auto tune, then they use their songs only a vehicle to sing scales to show off their range.

    You go, girl!

  4. Bottom line, the music business is a business and selling recordings makes money. The more the left hates on this young lady the more sales she’s going to get.

    I look forward to her appearance on Fox and Friends. She’ll be on tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest, just watch. Hannity will probably give her a whole block too.

  5. Glad to see a real woman who doesn’t have to wear body parts to express herself.
    A lot braver to stand for what you believe in a place where others don’t agree than to do
    so in a march with everyone is thinking like you do.

  6. “There’s still two rules in the f—king Latino family. Don’t marry somebody Black, and don’t park in front of our house,”

    Hiw do ya like them apples, George Lopez? Better go check your curb now.

  7. I wonder how many snowflakes passed out at the sight,
    right in the middle of one of the largest libtard
    festivals. That’s balls.

  8. Vagabonds is the #1 download this morning on Amazon.

    #1 in MP3 Downloads > Songs > Pop > Adult Alternative
    #2 in MP3 Downloads > Songs > Miscellaneous
    #23 in MP3 Downloads > Songs > Alternative Rock

  9. Well, the Grammys were finally good for something. If it weren’t for that crappy show I may never had heard of this great gal. God bless her!

  10. Brave girl. Hope she actually supports the President and his policies. Everything in Hollyweird is for show and publicity stunts are common place. So, time will tell if she’s still on board a year from now.


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