JPMorgan Pulls Ads From NBC News After Megyn Kelly’s “Repulsive” Alex Jones Interview

Zero Hedge:

While Megyn Kelly’s interview with Russian President (and all around global bad guy if one were to believe the daily barrage of leftist headlines)  Vladimir Putin did not raise the ire of advertisers, it appears her interview with right-wing provocateur Alex Jones has lurched from social media firestorm to real-world dollars and cents for NBC News.

The sit-down has been promoted as a discussion about “controversies and conspiracies.”

In a video promoting the interview, Jones talks about the 9/11 attacks as an “inside job.” In the clip, Kelly also brings up Sandy Hook, saying: “When you say parents faked their children’s deaths, people get very angry.” Jones replies: “But they don’t get angry about half-a-million dead Iraqis from the sanctions.”

And now, as The Wall Street Journal reports, J.P. Morgan has asked for its local TV ads and digital ads to be removed from Kelly’s show and from all NBC news programming until after the show airs, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The company doesn’t want any of its ads to appear adjacent to any promotions for the interview, the person added.


15 Comments on JPMorgan Pulls Ads From NBC News After Megyn Kelly’s “Repulsive” Alex Jones Interview

  1. This lets you know the leftists don’t believe the Russia connection nonsense. What they really hate is white American men. This hatred pulls all the leftist groups together, into a seething ball of fury and victimhood.

  2. As her ratings drop, she and NBC will try dressing her in skimpier, ever more revealing outfits. They’re gonna try everything.

    Victorias Secret outfits. Wet T-shirt “specials”. French maid. Naughty Schoolgirl. Saucy Mermaid. Saucy Step-Mom. Latex Dominatrix.

    I’m betting 6 months, tops, before she has a planned “wardrobe malfunction” to flash those “killer B’s”.

  3. I guess I don’t understand! Is it the blond lady who is repulsive or the fact she is keeping company with someone who is repulsive? But then again is it Obama who is repulsive or all those he kept company with?

  4. Win-win-win! Globalists don’t want people checking out Jones site given his penchant for reporting stories about them and their behind the scenes actions (conspiratorial or not). So that is a win. NBC losing advertising dollars is certainly a win and Mata-Hari-Kelly being ripped for having Jones on, win!

  5. The majority of the people in this country all have at least one crazy belief in something that the rest of us thinks makes them a little crazy or that we know is false. But this IS America, for now at least. You’re entitled to believe whatever in the hell you want and say whatever you want as long as you aren’t actually assaulting people. These idiots who want to abolish the 1st amendment should be the ones who are admonished and shunned by society.

  6. With all due respect to the prior commenters if this Alex Jones actually believes that 9/11 was an inside job or that Sandy Hook parents faked deaths or even gives a little credence to them as possible theories then JP Morgan was right to pull their ads. It’s their choice and frankly, if I was in the same position I would have done the same. I went to his website and there are quite a few stories there that ought to be carried by the MSM but aren’t but that’s not enough to justify treating these tinfoil hat theories as possible.

  7. “until after the show airs, according to a person familiar with the matter.”
    Big whoop. Then it’s back to funding the NBC propaganda 24/7.

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