Juanita Broaddrick: Megyn Kelly Is ‘Ugly As Hell On The Inside’

DailyCaller: A woman who has accused Bill Clinton of rape sided with Newt Gingrich after his contentious interview with Megyn Kelly Tuesday night.


The former House Speaker and the Fox News host got into a shouting match over whether Donald Trump was more of a “sexual predator” than the former president. Juanita Broaddrick — the Arkansas woman who claims Bill Clinton raped her in 1978 — said Kelly was “ugly as hell on the inside.”

“Beauty is only skin deep,” Broaddrick tweeted. “Megyn Kelly is ugly as hell on the inside.”  MORE

13 Comments on Juanita Broaddrick: Megyn Kelly Is ‘Ugly As Hell On The Inside’

  1. Meg has let it go to her head. The other day she was perfectly happy calling DJT a rapist, but emphatically declined to say WJC was a rapist.

    She’s better off with MSLSD.

  2. Hell hath no fury like a woman who was told she had blood shooting out her whatever,
    She’s positioning herself to be the next Orca-I mean Oprah
    She wants to be the pseudo conservative woman’s voice/thorn in the side of a possible Trump Presidency
    Bitch as she might about him, she thinks he’s going to win.

  3. I miss the old days of all-star wrestling. I envision a card with Biden vs. Trump and Broaddrick vs. Kelly.
    … Although Biden and Kelly would deservedly get their asses handed to them in about two minutes.

  4. For all of you still making 1000s of cold calls to Ohio, Pennsylvania, and other swing states –
    two minute video shows : (watch the fat breeder recite the propaganda, “come to work, flee the violence” fucking BS)

    ” Agent Chris Cabrera told CBS News that they’ve been seeing a spike in immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border illegally, thanks in part to the election.

    “The smugglers are telling them if Hillary [Clinton] gets elected, that there’ll be some sort of amnesty, that they need to get here by a certain date,” Cabrera said. “They’re also being told that if [Donald] Trump gets elected, there’s going to be some magical wall that pops up overnight and once that wall gets up, nobody will ever get in again.”
    Cabrera added that they’ve encountered up to 1,000 immigrants along McAllen’s stretch of the border some days.
    “We’re getting mass spikes of people crossing and turning themselves in,” he said.
    Experts told CBS News the number of immigrants crossing the border won’t drop after Election Day.
    Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has repeatedly said as president the U.S. will build a wall along the Mexico border to keep out immigrants trying to enter the country illegally. ”
    and Hillary wants amnesty for evertbody in the first 100 days PLUS that whole banning ammunition thingy – mandatory gun buy back.
    and don’t forget what they never admit FAMILY REUNIFICATION means another 8-10 family members get to be Americans, too !

    Best not be sitting on your asses thinking your boy Don’s got it in the bag. He’s got to win by at least 15% points to actually overwhelm the demoncunt vote fraud.

  5. She is pretty common if you ask me. Kind of has that dyke look about her that I have never found particularly attractive.

  6. Me-Again’s no beauty on the outside either.
    That personality inside oozes right through even the best makeup and stylists.

    She’s pretty average. Ok in an ageing-waitress sort of way.
    Maybe a 5 at most. It would take a LOT of booze for her to be mistaken for a 6.

    Trump 2016.

  7. I wonder if Megyn’s new “butch” hairstyle is part of an effort to woo herself into Sir Edmund Cankle’s heart and a possible press spokesman gig if the unthinkable happens and Trump loses.
    Their demeanors’ are identical, and I’m sure they could warm each others’ cockles on a cold winter’s night. Even Bill might take a shot at her if given the opportunity.

  8. She is either playing to Hitllery for a spot as news secretary on her cabinet, or to Rupert Murdoch as a hooker applying for a mistress slot. If kelly gets too close to Hitllery, watch the pit bull huma sink a shank deep into her.

  9. I have been saying that for a long time. Inner beauty shines through and she has lost it. At one time she was beautiful even when she was angry. Now she oozes bitterness. She is not a happy woman.

  10. She sure seems to have changed over the years. She’s been one of Foxnews’s biggest “stars”. Maybe it’s the fame and no doubt some flattery and courting by left that tries to pass themselves of as centre that’s turned her head. Now, instead of coming off as earnest she’s coming of as shrewish and if you politely disagree with her decreasingly conservative view, watch out. Gingrich made her look bad and I think the viewers saw that. Is she worth 20 million a year? Maybe, if the market will bear paying football playing felons similar money why not her. We’re the market and if we turn our sets to another channel when her show comes on sooner or later the accountants will knock on Murdoch’s sons door to explain things.


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