Judge Drops Case Against Muslim Mutilators


A federal judge dismisses charges against doctors and family members who broke a longstanding, never-enforced, federal law against female genital mutilation. Wait until you hear how the judge justifies his decision. Bill Whittle Now deals with the moral and Constitutional ramifications.

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  1. This is part of the war we have to fight and win! Deep state, open borders, voter fraud, globalism, radical islam. We have our work cut out for us.

  2. Joe, yes we do but look at how just the GOP has hamstrung and tried to make a liar of the POTUS. Every day I doubt more and more that the answer lies anywhere within the system. Top to bottom it’s been corrupted against us.

    People need to start rereading the opening line of the Declaration of Independence very closely.

  3. In 2013 a federal judge in OK ruled that an “anti-sharia” state law was unconstitutional.


    Now, a federal judge claims that only state laws can prevent this precept of sharia law that dictates mutilating the genitals of young females because the Constitution supposedly doesn’t address this issue.

    Congress MUST start impeaching a butt load of federal judges because the vast majority of them are anti-American, anti-Christian, Constitution hating, globalist scumbags that despise our culture and the Constitution itself.

    Since America was founded, Western Civilization and the law itself has always supported the right of the individual to not be molested, assaulted or physically harmed for “religious” or any other reasons. Immigration is strictly a federal issue and “immigrants” conforming to and following our laws has historically been the most basic requirement of citizenship or the privilege of residing in America. That is the only way for a sovereign country to remain sovereign.

    If you want to come to America, leave your “cultural traditions” that conflict with OUR laws and culture in the country you came from, or stay there! Stop trying to make America the “shit hole” country you came from!

  4. Circumcizing boys had health bebefits (no smegma, less ovarian cancer in women, and it looks damn good.)

    ClitorAL mutilation is enslavement of women and outright oppression. It looks like shit, too.

    Let’s see pelosi and alexandra cortez do it.

    Michelle Obama couldn’t do it, either because it would take a chain saw to do it, or she has a dick. No one wants to screward her, anyway, so might just leave well enough alone. Save the clitoalectomy for barry.

  5. Example: how do we address the promotion and spread of evil like this under the current social rules?


    Answer: we can’t, by design. We are forbidden to openly call it what it really is without risking dire legal and professional threats to our livelihoods and even to our families.

    How is that still a free country?


    Not coincidentally, we’re going home defense shopping this weekend.

  6. .45-70,

    Yep. Shocking (a little) to see it said so bluntly but as a pastor I know always says, “Knowing is always better than not knowing.”

  7. Shun them all
    Those who do this, and those who allow this.
    Those who do not abhor this do not deserve to draw breath


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