Judge hears arguments in Jill Stein’s voting machine lawsuit

Detroit News: Philadelphia – Pennsylvania’s top elections official spent hours in federal court Tuesday, defending the certification of voting machines being used by Philadelphia and two other Pennsylvania counties, including one where problems led to undercounted returns in a race in November.

The hearing in federal court could help determine how 17% of Pennsylvania’s registered voters cast ballots in November, when the state is expected to be one of the nation’s premier presidential battlegrounds.

It comes after a two-year push by Gov. Tom Wolf to get counties to switch to paper-based voting systems ahead of this year’s presidential election, a move he frames as a crucial election security bulwark against hacking.

For part of her three-plus hours on the stand, Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar sought to show that no element of a federal court agreement in 2018 specifically outlawed certification of the machine in question, the ExpressVote XL touchscreen system.

She also testified that certification of the ExpressVote XL touchscreen system had been well underway during talks to settle the lawsuit. read more

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  1. Your bank has apps that allow you to take a picture of a check and make a deposit.

    Our voting machines (new this year) make a paper copy for you to review your choices before it’s tabulated.

    You read your printed choices in english. The machine tabulates a Q code printed on the page you can’t read.

    They trying to tell me this is better?

  2. So. Afraid. Of. Paper.

    Not because it is bad for the environment. Or because it’s so “OK Boomer”. Or because it’s not the 60’s anymore.

    But because it’s a paper trail that can be held accountable.

    The DNC, hiding the bodies every chance they get.

  3. The ” pin – lever ” machines were
    abandoned a long time ago primarily
    because it was impossible to
    CHEAT with them.

    We have since gone back to the very
    cheatable paper ballot.

    It doesn’t matter how the votes are tabulated
    It matters how the vote cast is recorded

    Therefor the pin – lever machines had to go.

    All of this was sponsored and forced thru
    by the smellocrat party.

    Does anyone think that Al Franken
    was duly elected to the Senate.

    If you do, you are unaware of what
    the smellocrats have been doing to the
    electoral system for twenty years.

  4. Hey, PA.

    Keep an eye on this.

    The only way these people can win is through voter fraud.

    They have already defamed (and likely destroyed) the Democrat Party along with its dwindling Truman/Kennedy Democrat, conservative/moderate voters.

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