Judge Nap Says President Doesn’t Need A Warrant to Wire Tap

Lou Dobbs put Judge Napolitano in his A Block last night and it was an eye opener.  According to the Judge, the President doesn’t need a warrant, the DoJ or the FBI if he wants to know what is being transmitted across communication channels in this country.  He merely had to pick up his phone and order the NSA to produce a transcript of what is being transmitted. All thanks to Congress.


A former NSA official confirming the judge’s statement Here



21 Comments on Judge Nap Says President Doesn’t Need A Warrant to Wire Tap

  1. Well isn’t that special. There still should be some kind of record of those requests (date received, authorization, target, date data was recovered, etc.) kept by NSA.

  2. “By the filing of certification of the Attorney General”

    This keeps coming back to Bill Clinton’s Tarmac meeting with Lynch. WTF?

  3. Yes, Bad_Brad, the same fatass bitch who’s currently trying to gin up mobs in the street, meeting with the huncher who illegally obtained a thousand FBI security clearance files when he was President. What could possibly go wrong?

  4. “Then what’s with the two FISA requests?”

    Good question. I believe that’s public record. Maybe those requests didn’t originate from the White House. Maybe CIA, or FBI. But the time line as I understand it all centers around Billy boy meeting with Lynch. A week after that HRC was tweeting “Computer scientist have found a link between Trump and Russian banks”.
    The phone conversations Flynn had with the Russians were made from Trump Tower. So obviously some one was listening in.

  5. Yet the ‘non-partisan’ MSM insists we should worry about a dictatorial Trump!
    Where were they during the 8 years of mau-mau, banana deep-throating, effeminate, moronic America-hating rule of a fictitious person?!

  6. This actually motivates me to want to kick alot of Republican asses.
    Where the hell were they during all this?!!!!
    Answer: bent over with their shorts at their ankles. They are indelibly marked as COWARDS and collaborators in failure to protect the public from blatant treason.

  7. Wikileaks just dumped “Vault 7” yesterday. There’s a ton of info. They claim they have Snowden 2.0 inside the CIA. This is getting better than anything Hollywood could write.

    Check this out.

    “Newly released documents by Wikileaks reveal that the Central Intelligence Agency explored hacking the control systems of modern vehicles, potentially to carry out “undetectable assassinations”.”

    Does the name Michael Hastings ring a bell.

  8. All in the federal government need to immediately unemployed and eventually homeless.

    Build the damn wall and throw them over it.

  9. Anybody with a knowledge of telephony can tap a telephone.
    Every-fuckin-phone man on Earth can do it.
    Warrants are only required for legal actions, not for corralling information.
    Get the fuck out of Dodge! Are people stupid, or what?
    And these imbecile talking heads haven’t figured this shit out, yet?
    “Maintaining the Pretense.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Oh that will be music to President Trump’s ears!! Payback is hell. I can envision wiretaps on Obama, Soros, Clinton, Pelosi, Schummer, Feinstein, Franken, etc. go get ’em, President Trump.


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