Judge Orders Hillary to sit for deposition with political watchdog Judicial Watch

“The Court is not confident that State currently possesses every Clinton email recovered by the FBI; even years after the FBI investigation.” READ MORE

19 Comments on Judge Orders Hillary to sit for deposition with political watchdog Judicial Watch

  1. I was baking cookies with my daughter.
    I don’t recall.
    It’s a rightwing conspiracy.
    At this point what difference does it make?

    It takes a village to make sure you see a jail cell in my lifetime.

  2. The Lizard Queen will now suddenly experience a health crisis the day before the deposition and a series of them until she receives the nomination and then a miraculous recovery followed by claims of political persecution.

  3. If nothing good will come from it, don’t do it.

    You’re just wasting your time at best.

    One of those teaching a pig to sing sort of things.

  4. Well now, she will end up smacking 0bama and biden upside the head with a shovel. Even if she doesn’t go to jail, which she should, this is about optics. WE already know she’s a criminal. This is primarily going to affect the people who are dems but have stomach churning questions about being dems right now.
    This isn’t for us.
    This is for the people around us.

    How do I know? Because before Trump was just about to be nominated,
    I heard a black guy (college age) on the phone, in public, explaining how bad hillary clinton was. Not in a calling her a racist or a fat bitch kind of way, but like detailing the email scandals, destroying her devices, all of that. He was telling the person on the phone that “We (blacks) can’t do this anymore, maaan… She’s a criminal!”

    And right when she starts refusing to answer questions, black college guy’s friend, and everyone else, will see what she is and who she supports.

  5. I hope the transcript gets “leaked”. I bet there was a big blue mushroom cloud over Chapaqua when the court made its decision.

  6. Said many times last 8 years ALL alphabet ageniesshouldbe destroyed. DeepStaters fired. Judicial Watch is doing what $billions (xxx,xxx,xxx,xxx) of my taxes should’ve don 10 years ago BUT DID NOT! DEEP STATE has been in charge for 30 years!

  7. Please don’t take Hillary away from her little baby Chelsea as even a simple minded girl needs her mother even if she is an atrocious mother!

  8. She’ll take the Fifth as often as she drains a Fifth with is continuously. Tom Fitton better keep bodyguards close by or Ma Clinton will have him whacked in a classic Arkancide ‘suicide’, the three shots to the back of the head kind.

  9. “I don’t recall.” What DIFFERENCE does it make?” She’ll appeal the judge’s ruling. I’m not sure she can plead the 5th at a deposition.

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