Judge Orders IRS To Quit Stalling and “Lay It On The Line” – IOTW Report

Judge Orders IRS To Quit Stalling and “Lay It On The Line”

The IRS scandal hasn’t gone away. It has instead dragged on as the courts try to decide if the agency committed a crime in its handling of tea party group applications. To move things along, Judge Reggie B. Walton has ordered the IRS to report the names of the IRS officials involved, the reason for denial of tea party group applications, and whether they are still being denied.


12 Comments on Judge Orders IRS To Quit Stalling and “Lay It On The Line”

  1. This IRS can never undo the damage they’ve done to our nation’s legitimacy.
    That this remains unprosecuted has sullied the Justice Department as well.
    I demand these perps pay serious reparations.

  2. The IRS can only pay reparations with our money. Instead heads should roll, multiple firings starting with the commissioner. Take the topo 10% off the whole damn outfit. That oughta put the fear of god into them.

  3. Politicization of the IRS to target Obama opposition and 4 years of corruption and obstruction.

    It’s clear the two tiered Justice System clears the elite from blame or guilt.

    Does the two tiered Justice System also exonerate those who carry out the directives of the elite?
    Thus far it appears so.

  4. That smirking prick Koskenin should spend his retirement in Fort Leavenworth Federal prison along with the skank Lois Lerner.

  5. Just what exactly, in the hell, are we paying any of these people for?! Any of them! We all need to ask ourselves this question.

  6. Why the HELL is Koskenin still there????

    This new order by a judge has them quaking in their boots…… from laughing their asses off.

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