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Judge Pirro’s show not on Fox lineup

ONN: NEW YORK (March 17, 2019) — Fox News weekend host Jeanine Pirro’s show didn’t air a week after her comments questioning U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar over her wearing a Muslim head covering. No explanation was given.

Pirro’s show, “Justice With Judge Jeanine,” was replaced Saturday night by other programming. The Fox News schedule for the upcoming weekend doesn’t include the show.

Fox said Sunday that it would not comment on internal scheduling matters.

President Donald Trump tweeted Sunday morning about Pirro’s absence, saying she should be brought back.

“Stop working soooo hard on being politically correct, which will only bring you down, and continue to fight for our Country. The losers all want what you have, don’t give it to them,” one of his tweets said.

Pirro hasn’t tweeted herself since March 10, a day after her comments about Omar aired. That’s an unusually long absence from the platform for Pirro, who is a frequent tweeter.

Fox News had “strongly condemned” Pirro’s commentary on Omar, the first-term representative from Minnesota. Pirro had questioned whether Omar’s wearing of a hijab was “indicative of her adherence to Sharia law, which is in itself antithetical to the U.S. Constitution?”

Omar, in a tweet, thanked Fox for the statement, saying no one should question a person’s commitment to the Constitution because of a person’s faith or country of origin. Omar is a Somali immigrant.

Pirro said her intention had been to start a debate, but that being Muslim didn’t mean someone didn’t support the Constitution. She invited Omar to her show.

Pirro is the former district attorney from New York’s Westchester County.

21 Comments on Judge Pirro’s show not on Fox lineup

  1. The Koran and Sharia Law are not compatible with the US Constitution! Don’t give up Judge Janine, you are right.

  2. Islam must be eradicated.

    Oh, and fuck Mohammed.

  3. I didn’t draw a picture of Mohammed but I did a representation of him by squatting on the Koran and leaving an impression of my ass before I wiped.

    It’s the best interpretation of him that I could do.

  4. Debate is what is needed.
    Punishment by denial of employment is cowardly.

  5. SJW types who don’t watch Fox News dictate programming for Fox News. Is Fox News that stupid or part of the SJW crowd?

  6. Putting Moslems in American positions of government was a fatal mistake, as will be noted in a few uncensored history books in the future.

    The United States of America had a good run.

  7. Any time the government intervenes to hide what really happened, it means the government was involved. So now in NZ for real:
    “New Zealand has identified people who saved the Christchurch shooting live stream and is going around arresting them now. Those arrested are detained WITHOUT BAIL.”
    Jeanine Pirro’s show has been subject to Communist media action. She is being let know that she cannot have the freedom to speak her mind on TV in the subverted USA. The Constitution states that no religion can be forced on the people to comply with, or to even agree with. Christianity has certainly had lots of abuse expressed on TV and in the public realm for decades, yet it has never been banned, or anybody tossed from TV or radio for doing it.

  8. dianne fienstien scolded amy coney barret at her confirmation hearing by saying ‘the dogma lives loudly in you’
    this was speaking of her christian beliefs.

    but piro can’t ask if wearing one of those silly hats muslims wear means they are propping up sharia law.

    this is what it has come to. they are allowed to talk and we aren’t.

    Fuck them to hell

  9. Make no mistake that muzzie cunt wears that mideast religious garb precisely to thumb her nose at americans. The same message was sent to us by those who placed her in congress. She is there to disrupt and subvert nothing else.

  10. Fox?
    Nope, Whore… and somebody just found her price!

    Lest anyone wonder, I’m not referring to Judge Jeanine!


    The most trusted name in taqiyya

  12. Fox News is no longer in “Davy’s lineup”.

  13. The cancer of marxism has rooted into Fox and is slowly consuming another victim. This is a deliberate to plan to use the Overton Window to squeeze out Tucker and Sean. Mark my words.

  14. Ahhh … the cowards declare themselves before the real fighting starts.
    Good to know.
    Let the cowards and traitors to the rear – disarmed and dishonored.
    I hope their fear plagues their sleep – that each die the “thousand deaths.”
    I pray that all traitors expose themselves – to each his due.

    izlamo delenda est …

  15. I quit fox when I realized that Shemp Smith wears more makeup than a Vegas show girl.

  16. Motherf**ker and Sand Ni**er. Notice the similarity?

  17. I question mohammedans in EVERY time & place!!!

    I trust them as far as I can KICK them. 😡

  18. The silencing in all media continues . The danger is real.

  19. Meanwhile, Juan Williams, Geraldo, Shep Smith, and others remain to spew their leftist agenda.


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