Judge rules in favor of United Airlines employees who claim ‘discrimination’ after vaccine mandates


A Texas judge has ruled in favor of United Airlines employees who brought suit against United for a “pattern of discrimination against employees who requested religious or medical accommodations.”

“The Court now concludes it is necessary to issue this Temporary Restraining Order to avoid risking irreparable injury and to maintain the status quo in this case pending the Court’s hearing and resolution of Plaintiffs’ Motion for Preliminary Injunction,” US District Judge Mark Pittman wrote in his ruling.

The restraining order makes it clear it isn’t ruling on the merits of argument by either party, but giving relief until the time of a later hearing. The order expires on October 26. more here

8 Comments on Judge rules in favor of United Airlines employees who claim ‘discrimination’ after vaccine mandates

  1. I don’t know how it could be done, but there should be some way to sue the government based on all of the political carve-out exemptions. If it’s so important that they get as many people vaccinated as possible then they shouldn’t be exempting thousands and thousands of federal employees. The one that burns me the most is the post office. The one group of federal employees that has more contact with other people than any other federal agency.

  2. You all are right. You can sue till you’re blue in the face, but it won’t do any good if all of the judges are communists.

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