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Judge Sentenced Landlord To Islam

sentenced to islam

After a landlord was convicted of pushing her Muslim tenant down a flight of stairs, a judge ordered her to respect the rights of all Muslims and to take an introductory course on Islam. Now the highest court in Massachusetts is being asked to decide whether the judge violated the landlord’s constitutional rights. More at Creeping Sharia. 


Court To Review Judge’s Order Forcing Woman To Learn Islam.

judge forcing islam on landlord


13 Comments on Judge Sentenced Landlord To Islam

  1. Whether?! WHETHER?!?!?!?

    The judge needs to be forced to live under sharia – as a woman, gay…or merely – gasp! – a CHRISTIAN.

  2. Well there it is.

    We knew this was coming. They said: Joining us, paying jizzya or dying will be our choices.

    Seemed easy to think one could easily shoot the bastards that try that directly, but when your own gov. forces you? We got a problem.

  3. I’m sure if the jihad couple had not been shot dead they would have been sentenced to Bible college and then to serve probation working in a rib joint with a liquor license and a place where service dogs frequently visited with their masters.

  4. I can still remember the long-gone days when a property owner could rent to whomever he wanted, and could evict them when they broke the rules or caused trouble.

  5. The ‘BROKENS’: Immigration, education, congress, presidency, justice courts, financial, political, medical and government to name the obvious ones! What else can go wrong?????

  6. Why’d she push him down the stairs? Did he get violently offended when she showed up to collect the Section 8 rent check without wearing a hijab?

    What an insensitive infidel bitch.


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