Judge Strikes Citizenship Question From Census

U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman has struck the citizenship question from the 2020 census.

Deciding that the Administration seemed to be hiding something, the Obama appointee instructed the Department of Commerce to begin the process again if it still wished to include the question.

Furman concluded that because the question had been added without consulting experts, or incorporating recommendations for reassuring immigrants about participating in the census, commerce secretary Wilbur Ross had violated the Administrative Procedures Act.


6 Comments on Judge Strikes Citizenship Question From Census

  1. OK, ask these questions…” Are you here legally? Can you provide proof? What’s your address of residence? Do you know your children? Do you press #2 for Spanish? Is Charmin the softest toilet paper? What’s a Hen weigh?….

  2. “Deciding that the Administration seemed to be hiding something”… WTH? Aren’t you supposed to deal with facts? Where is your evidence? You sir are a POS!

  3. If this doesn’t get timely resolved, feds should mail a separate document with each census (to be mailed back with) consisting of a statement as to whether or not the respondent is a citizen, and how many of each in the household.

    So the question is “not on the census”. All respondents who do not return the document stating that they are citizens can be counted as non-citizens.


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