Judge takes action on ‘virtually unintelligible’ lawsuit against Trump, Israel

WND: A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit by Palestinian activists against President Trump and Israel, describing the complaint as “virtually unintelligible,” with plaintiffs failing to specify who hurt them, when and where.

“The truly bizarre complaint alleged a massive conspiracy between the Israeli government and the named defendants to commit war crimes against Palestinians, without offering – or even identifying – any evidence to back up the baseless claim,” said the American Center for Law and Justice, the ACLJ. more

8 Comments on Judge takes action on ‘virtually unintelligible’ lawsuit against Trump, Israel

  1. Lots of frivolous lawsuits are filed against well-known people and entities. Would have been nice if WND had linked to the complaint and decision if they were so important as to merit a news article.

    More important than the decision: were the plaintiffs sanctioned for filing a frivolous lawsuit by being required to pay the defendants’ costs, especially attorneys fees. If not, this shit like this continues and a dismissal of the lawsuit doesn’t impress me.

  2. Because the Mohammedan religion encourages inbreeding, with marriage between first cousins celebrated. It’s why they are stupid, angry all the time and ridden with birth defects

  3. They used the same lack of evidence and incoherent argument that Schiff used against Trump. It had gone stale and was past its Sell-by date. Better luck next time, guys.

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