Judge Throws Out Stormy Daniels’ Lawsuit Against Trump And She Must Pay His Legal Fees


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28 Comments on Judge Throws Out Stormy Daniels’ Lawsuit Against Trump And She Must Pay His Legal Fees

  1. U.S. District Court Judge S. James Otero concludes that Daniels has failed to establish a prima facie case for defamation.

    In the words of Forrest Gump: “Must be hard to defame a porn star”

  2. She’s broke. Dollars in her panties are now owned by Trump! Just think about that…If she “dances”, she “dances” for Trump!

  3. I am ROFLOL!!!!!
    She AND he (Avocado) are going to be broke for the rest of their lives…….and probably beyond the grave…..a pauper’s grave.
    Paying off President Trump’s lawyers ain’t gonna come cheap, he only hires the best. (now if President Trump could only do something about draining the FedGov judicial swamp……)

  4. About time the US started to implement “loser pays” into the judicial system. Might put a stop to so many frivolous lawsuits.

  5. Steve Bannon actually suggested Avennati was a rival for Trump, he’d go far on the dem side. Right, I can only imagine the fun Trump would have at his expense, the nicknames etc. he should be disbarred.

  6. Hey Stormy and ya Loy-ya.

    Crawl BACK into the dirty gutter you climbed out of and go into the real sewer.


  7. Spermy Daniels is gonna have to lubricate a lot of poles (not you, Polański) in order to make enough to pay off that judgment.

  8. What’s funnier; Stormy taking on all comers again, or Avenetti chasing ambulances?
    Can’t decide….laughing too hard…

  9. And Ahh – Vahh – Nahh – Tea
    wants to run for Prez

    When he can’t present a prima facie case for his client.
    Great job Mikey baby
    Hope your faggy buttercups weren’t hurt .

  10. Stormy’s poor lawyer.

    Avanatti thought he was shooting the rapids to a huge pile of cash (maybe even a political career) representing Stormy and Swetnick.

    Instead he’s adrift on De Nial River, unable to row in a sinking boat with two damaged wh*res.

  11. Hung: In filthy ones pulled out of her g-string.

    I’ve never seen a stripper pole with handicapped access. Which she’s going to need because it will take her well into social security age to pay those fees.

    She dedicated her book to her daughter didn’t she? Mommy sucked a lot of mushroom dicks to buy you that I-Phone 4 sweetie.

  12. She should be hired as a host on The View to pay off her legal bills. She fits right in with the other shameless knownothing whores. The other hosts lap up her opinions because they deem her JoeBiden smart!

  13. Looks like Stormy is going to have to rent a closet in the ‘Rat cloakroom to get the funds for this.


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