Judge Throws Out Suit Against Sheriff Over Immigration Detentions

Epoch Times:

An illegal alien’s class-action lawsuit, in which he claimed a Virginia sheriff violated his constitutional rights by detaining him at the request of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), has been thrown out by a federal judge.

The law enforcement officer who was sued, Culpeper County, Virginia, Sheriff Scott Jenkins, told The Epoch Times that he’s satisfied with the legal outcome.

“I am pleased that this lawsuit seeking preferential treatment for criminal illegal aliens within our justice system has been dismissed,” Jenkins said.

“This judge confirmed what people with common sense have known all along—my actions as sheriff, in cooperating with federal law enforcement authorities on illegal immigration, are completely legal and constitutional. Those arguing otherwise are out of touch with the concerns of our entire community and country. Spending time and money helping repeated lawbreakers escape the rightful actions of law enforcement is incomprehensible. read more

7 Comments on Judge Throws Out Suit Against Sheriff Over Immigration Detentions

  1. Wetbacks have no more right to our Constitutionally protected rights than they do to our health care or welfare, go home.
    I have been paying for those rights since I was 14, there is no free lunch.

  2. Now that’s decided, prepare to return the ILLEGAL ALIEN to his shithole third (fourth?) world country.

  3. It should never have been heard in the first place! Boot him and his class action buddies the hell out of the country!

  4. Instead of suing the Sheriff after the fact, Rios would have been smarter to avoid breaking the law and getting arrested before the fact.

    But since he was an illegal he probably thought he was exempted from the law (Something the Left seems to encourage them to think).

  5. The attorney representing the class of illegals should be sanctioned by the court. It high time to start disbarring these dirtbags who clog the court with frivolous lawsuits. I twelve year old could have decided this case.

  6. Living in a sanctuary city, I see this garbage all the time. It’s not the illegals pushing this merde…it’s the migra lawyers working it for all they can. One way or another, they will suck money out of the system for themselves. Guess what party they subscribe to…it starts with the letter D.


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