Judge who halted Trump’s immigration order has done pro bono work for refugees

CFP: Oh by the way, Judge James Robart, who issued the ruling halting the immigration order on a nationwide basis, is also a Bush appointee, which just goes to show that you can’t tell everything you need to know about a judge by who appointed him. Maybe the pickings were slim in Seattle.

By August 2016, it was already well understood by anyone paying attention that “black lives matter” didn’t just mean black lives matter – which of course they do – but rather it was a rallying cry for violent anti-police sentiment, including the citing of anecdote-based nonsense about a so-called epidemic of white cops killing black men that is simply not supported by any evidence.

Yet here, in August 2016, is Judge Robart:

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  1. I was listening to Jeffrey Lord yesterday on the radio (not CNN) and he said that the Presidents appoint this level of judge after the 2 senators from the state appoint them. Washington certainly has always had liberal senators. I have no reason to not believe him and to be honest, I haven’t researched this.

  2. “Frivolous lawsuits are those filed by a party or attorney who is aware they are without merit, because of a lack of supporting legal argument or factual basis for the claims.”

    They’re also illegal and have penalties. Perhaps it is time to penalize frivolous judicial rulings as well. I’d be more than happy to serve on one of those juries.

  3. What’s the big deal…..he is a progressive liberal….what would you expect?
    We need to vote these Nancy boys out of office

  4. What happened to that statue of justice holding the scales while blindfolded? I think this SOB lifted the blind and is peeking out from underneath

  5. Oh, c’mon. All judges … ALL FUCKING JUDGES … are politically-connected shysters. How else would the politicians doing the appointing come to know of them? They’ve done favors, they’re bagmen, have the right connections … whatever … as lawyers, and so are handy for the politicians – to further its aims – regardless of the direction of those aims. Anyone who believes Judges are all Solons, dispensing wisdom with every utterance, is a fool. If Judges were held responsible for their rulings, they’d be more circumspect; but as it is, the Congress has declared them irresponsible and unaccountable for any foolishness they foist upon us.

    Don’t mean to sound cynical, here, but a dose of reality is sometimes healthy.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Spot on! Tim February 7, 2017 at 9:00 am

    A lawyer makes his living turning black into white. When he gets good at it they make him a judge. Have you ever wondered how we became so off track from the original intent of the founders?

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