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Judicial Junta Cracks Pennsylvania’s Liberty

When Pennsylvania’s democrat- dominated state supreme court this week tossed all other redistricting plans for its own, it basically stopped being a court of law and became a dictating committee of tyrants. The step by step process used by this junta to  pull off this quiet coup is clearly outlined, Here.





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  1. Once The United States Supreme Court canceled the 2000 Presidential election, unimpeded by Congressional oversight, unchallenged by “The Mandate of Heaven”… the idea that their crews wouldn’t industrialize the “constitutional crisis” profit paradigm for themselves, is just, well… absurd.

  2. Judicial activism has finally reached toxic levels. This will surely be challenged and overturned. Judges do not write law, they are supposed to uphold it.


    Face it. When they are in charge, they get shit done. It’s not what you want, but it gets done.

    When Republicans are in charge, the strategy is to compromise, or bench-warm.

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