Judicial Watch Seeks FBI Chart On Hillary Clinton’s Crimes


The FBI knows a lot more about Hillary Clinton than it is willing to let us know.

Judicial Watch has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Department of Justice seeking draft copies of FBI charts containing information on potential “statutory violations” committed by Hillary Clinton in the former secretary of state’s use of a non-secure, non-government email server to conduct government business.

Judicial Watch is also suing for draft copies of talking points prepared by the FBI for its officials to use following then-Director James Comey’s July 2016 press conference, during which he recommended against prosecuting Clinton for mishandling classified information. More

5 Comments on Judicial Watch Seeks FBI Chart On Hillary Clinton’s Crimes

  1. Certainly do it,
    and do it in a timely manner so that “witnesses don’t forget” and “evidence doesn’t disappear”,
    as that braying jackass Mueller posited
    when he spoke (with his head down) to the nation
    about doing the right thing, his Constitutional Duty and tripe like that…..

  2. So far the only one I see for sure that is trying to chase down the bad guys is Tom Fitton. That guy is great. So far everyone else is posturing for position. The jury is still out on Barr.

  3. This is why I have been contributing to Tom Fitton’s Judicial Watch for several years now. They aren’t afraid to go to court and expose these unelected overpaid unaccountable Deep State bureaucrats that infest our Federal Gummint.

  4. With a long list of obvious and known crimes involved, I wonder it the Republicans would be screaming for the investigation and impeachment of Hillary if she had won the election instead of Trump?


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