Judy (Gottleib) Solash Dies – RIP


“Who?”, you’re asking. Well, that’s for you to figure out. No, I’m not making a game out of someone’s death. I’m not trivializing it. I’m paying homage to it.

Here’s a hint: Judy stole Johnny and it made someone very upset.

As always, if you read the news and know for sure who this is, please don’t blurt it out in comments. This is for people who like these sort of posts.


ht/ fdr in hell

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  1. I remember her. I was 6 according to the date on the video. I see this and miss my childhood, my country…miss a whole lot of stuff.

  2. I had a serious crush on the gal ( we were about the same age) that sang the song, then I found out she was a lesbian and I was crushed. 🙁 And yes I miss my youth.

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