Judy Gottleib

Judy’s death is sad, but the back story on the song which contained her name is a great part of Americana.

Media Confidential –

“My parents insisted that my grandparents had to be invited (to her 16th birthday celebration). I of course, being a bratty teenager, said I didn’t want them there. I burst into tears, and my father said, ‘Don’t cry.’ ”

Judy Gottlieb-1963

Judy, of course, answered: “It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to.”

“My father took that and turned it into this whole little story about Judy and Johnny. He very often used our names when he wrote records. … Those were the days when you could understand the words in the songs. It was pretty simple,” she said.

She said her dad, Seymour Gottlieb, wrote the lyrics and one of his partners composed the music. (Song credits list four songwriters in all.) They went down to the Brill Building on Broadway, which housed music industry offices where some of the most popular American music tunes were written.

They knocked on doors offering their composition to producers. “Somebody heard it,” she told me, “and said ‘That would be great for Lesley Gore.’ She was an unknown at that time, didn’t have any recordings. They played it for her manager and he loved it and she recorded it. “And that’s it,” Solash said.


The Daily News has some more.

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  1. Next trivia question: What swimsuit company was Lesley Gore’s father the president of when she got her recording contract?

    Hint – Dogalina is NOT the correct name of an island off the California Coast.

    PS Lesley Gore died this year, too.

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