Julian Castro Struggles Among Latinos, Lacks Support

Not photoshopped. That’s all him.

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The only Hispanic Democrat running for president is having a hard time finding support from leaders in the Latino community. As of Tuesday, former Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro has only secured two of the 38 members of the House Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

This comes as his twin brother, Representative Joaquin Castro, stands as the chairman of that caucus. The vice chairman, Representative Ruben Gallego, endorsed congressman Eric Swalwell back in April, who has since dropped out. read more

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  1. Maybe they are afraid of a “list” slipped on to social media by a close relative? Even the Mexicans understand they can’t trust this hombre.

  2. Anonymous has reminded me of something that happened yesterday. I was driving home from a family vaycay for a couple of hours and there was no radio or anything on and I started cracking up. My wife, was riding shotgun asked what is so funny? She is not into politics so I told her, “you won’t get it.” And She didn’t. Do you get this? Or am I just crazy?:

    I was picturing in my head a remake of “Breakfast at Tiffanys” starring AOC as Holly Golightly, Bernie as the Asian landlord, and Pete Buttigieg as Holly’s love interest. But Pete tells her he likes cats, not women. (and I chuckeled out loud)…But that’s just how I roll! 🙂 My wife, who has not seen the movie nor follows politics had no idea what I was talking about! That made me laugh even more. Sometimes when my wires cross I laugh out loud.
    Nice ride!

  3. The Hispanic community doesn’t trust the Castro Bros cuz they look and act too much like George Takei/ Sulu.


  4. @MJA, only if Dianne Feinstein plays the woman answering the door! Thanks for justifying my craziness! #PeopleWhoCrackThemselvesUp 🙂

  5. This douchebag put out a 30-second spot blaming Trump for the El Paso shooting, an ad which he ends by yelling something in Spanish. It’s a huge turnoff for me. You’re in America, douchebag, speak English.


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