Julie Gerstein of Buzzfeed is a Little Light in the Bosom

I found a video of Julie Gerstein and I pawed over it, looking at her chest, and she seems a little light in that area. Here she is bending over and we get a bit of a shot down her blouse. Meh.

See, when she’s standing it’s just average, maybe less.

If this were the olympics she wouldn’t even medal.

Why am I doing this, objectifying a woman so blatantly, even during the #MeToo era?

Because Julie Gerstein has set the standard that I think we should all live by when she wrote this for Buzzfeed—>

11 Men’s Luge Bulges That All Deserve Gold Medals.

Then she goes on to post pictures and rate them.

Oh, Julie has a face, but who really cares, right? It’s all about the T&A, and she doesn’t really have what it takes to be a gold medal winner. Too bad. She can try again in another life.

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  1. So where is the manufactured outrage the left always seems to find when women are objectified? Yep, journalism is such an honored profession, on par with being a whore I’d wager.

  2. Has she factored in the cold weather phenomenon?…..Plus, that’s where the Russians keep their spare gloves….

  3. She’s going to be very light in the bank account before her trip down the Litigation Hole is over in five or six years.

  4. Anthony Weiner took to the luge…
    He told everyone he was a huge luger…
    He said with a grin…
    As he poked out his chin…
    My luge is simply huger…

  5. I was at the Gig Harbor WA pistol range one day about thirty years ago and there were a couple females there shooting silhouette targets calling out their shots:
    Left testicle
    right testicle
    right in the face

    and this went on for an hour or so.

    A couple twenty or so year-old guys showed up and after another half an hour proceeded to hang a silhouette target and calling out their shots blew both tits and the crotch out of it while calling their shots and the those two gals had the nerve to file a complaint with the Club Board of Directors.

    I was called as a witness and said that I thought that the two gals were doing their best to provoke a reaction and after putting up with their boorish behavior they were successful in getting a reaction.

  6. Almost as flat as my billiard table. Knew a girl in college that had an “outie” for a navel – it was there to compensate for her two “innies”! ;^) This one comes pretty close. Wonder if she has an “outie”??

  7. tit for tat!

    We should be talking about her camel toe size, yes?

    Pictures! We need pictures! For science reasons, of course.


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