Jump In, The Water’s Fine


The social media alternative, “Gab” has nearly triple the number of new users waiting to join now that outlets like “Twitter” and “Facebook” have begun purging users with views they don’t like.  You’ll find many of your favorites from iOTWreport already there speaking freely (Its my social media platform of choice).



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  1. @Diogenes, it’s like the local band hit it big. The time to get in was when BFH made his post a few weeks ago.

    But I hope you and all the IOTW locals get approved quickly.

  2. Help!

    I never tweeted or any of that stuff, and know nothing about the mechanics much less the unspoken standards. The GAB site is woefully lacking much in the way of help. Can anyone point me to GAB For Not So Much Dummies, But For The Totally Ignorant or something like that?

  3. @Diogenes
    I applied 2 months ago and they still haven’t contacted me. I did find out they have a Twitter account for support. Search Gab, it will be Gab Support, @getongab. You can send them a tweet. I sent them one a couple of days ago, but they haven’t responded back, yet…..Ha!

  4. Interesting. I am already onboard – I signed up a couple of weeks ago as a result of reading about it at another discussion site and got the go-ahead within an hour or two. After spending way too much time just to get my toe in the door, I let other things take priority and haven’t pursued it. I’ll try to find time tomorrow…

  5. Naive “dinosaur” question:
    is it something you can use only via cell phone?

    I don’t (out of security and *other* reasons),
    but would like to use gab.

    (sorry if it sounds lazy; I have about 10 very *hot* things on my plate at the moment, and would appreciate the “assist”)

  6. I’m beyond dumb. Do I need an Iphone, or does an I pad and or windows based computer do the trick. Not even going to ask my boys how to do it, because they think I will say something that will entitle me to a visit from the Feds (just kidding Feds).

  7. #166794 here Charlie so you’re not the last in line anymore. Teach me not to read all of the articles and follow through more quickly.

  8. I had a large number, too, but only a couple of hours later, I was in. Guess it’s my pure innocence – or something!

    I’m with Uncle Al, found it hard to navigate and I still haven’t figured out how to post something. But I haven’t really tried too hard to find out how. Been so busy. I just repost things others have posted. I’ll wait for GAB for Dummies.

    I’m @Claudia_42

  9. About the waiting for sign up — I tried at first to use a disposable email address to sign up, not ever trusting anybody I can’t see, and I got tired of waiting so I reapplied with a real email address and it went pretty darn quick that way.

    Maybe they check to see if your email address is on 0bama’s “domestic terrorist” list and give you priority if so. I know I’m on that list.

  10. For those asking, it’s @Tutorials.
    There too, same name.
    I enjoyed Twitter before it degenerated into a high school sorority for the cool kids.
    Beat Mr. Hat to GAB, ahead of the curve for once.
    They just upgraded their servers so it should go faster now, they have more room.


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