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Junk Science

British scientist measured over 15,000 units to determine the average length and girth.  They concluded that while there is a slight correlation with height, most men tend fall within a fairly predictable range.

Close-up of measuring the size of banana on white background


A hands on study, apparently they didn’t trust their subjects to self report their own measurements.

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  1. Jeez, depends where you measure from. I’m pretty damn impressive.

    If I measure from the back of my neck. Besides, it’s not what you got, it’s what you can do with it.

    Did I mention I can part my hair with my tongue,?

  2. The research may also be used for investigations into how condoms splitting or failing is linked to penis size.

    Let’s see if we can predict the findings of such investigations. If you have a big dick, the condom is more likely to split. If you have a little dick, the condom is more likely to fall off. If you have been to a govt school sex ed class, you know how to put a condom on a banana but not on your dick (FAIL).

    Where’s my grant money?

  3. Well if you’re at all like Bad Brad, stretch it from the back of your neck so it doesn’t fall off.

    That lacks logic. The more you stretch it, the more likely it would become unattached. LOL. What the heck are you drinking tonight?

  4. If you need a tire iron to put on condom, you’re pretty damn impressive, otherwise you’re run of the mill.

  5. BFH, are you really that surprised? The headline screams sausage fest… I am going to back and look at the midget ladies post from the other day now.

  6. Stoopid effing phone… the engineer in me is up for rigid scientific study on something as serious as the female form…

  7. THANK YOU Diogenes. 🙂 someone may have to check on me in a couple days – you know how one track mind engineers are…

  8. Have never been worried about size.

    Bonus: I can tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue.

    Bonus: I like Tacos.

  9. DHEA and Tribulus. Makes you stand up at attention like a teenager. Boom chick a wow wow..


    My wife does it for me. I don’t need no stinkin drugs.

  10. Brad, there’s a group called The Hung Jury for guys who clock in at over 8.” I understand that, upon request, they will send you detailed instructions on the correct way to measure.

    Don’t ask me how I know.

  11. Not braggin’ but I have never been embarrassed to shower with the black guys.
    It’s a myth.
    I do notice this study was done in the UK, perhaps we have discovered the cause of the pussyfication of the Brits.
    They need more big trucks and guns cause they damn sure ain’t packin’.
    Another myth.

  12. This topic is providing a much needed respite from Trump, Cruz, and Beck though it could possibly be woven into the tapestry of nearly all topics of interest with judicious use of the double entendre.

  13. If ever there was an attribute evolution would have forced into a rather narrow “Goldie Locks” niche, it’s this one. . . oh, wait, maybe that didn’t come out right. . .

  14. So, a Brit “researcher” walks into a bar where four drunks have their dicks on the the table measuring them.

    “What’ll you have?” asked the bartender.

    “The Buffet, ” says the “researcher.

  15. I need more information about the test procedure; was the test conducted under chemistry STP or Aviation STP? It DOES make a difference.

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