Jury Informs Judge They Are Deadlocked in Public Corruption Trial of Sen. Robert Menendez

Breitbart: The jury deliberating the public corruption trial of Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Dr. Salomon Melgen in a New Jersey federal court told Judge William Walls on Monday they are deadlocked.

The Associated Press reported the jury “told the judge it couldn’t reach a verdict on Monday on any of the 18 counts against them, prompting the judge to order it to return on Tuesday to continue deliberating.”

Judge Walls dismissed one of the twelve jurors deliberating on the public corruption trial of Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) on Thursday at the request of the juror. The dismissed juror, 61-year-old Evelyn Arroyo-Maultsby, was replaced by an alternate juror, and the jury restarted deliberations from the beginning on Monday.

It took just a few hours of deliberations on Monday – with the alternate juror joining the other eleven members – for the full jury to send their message of deadlock to the judge

It was an unusual turn of events in a trial that has been characterized by a number of twists and turns.

When the trial began ten weeks ago, Arroyo-Maultsby told Judge Walls that she had a previously scheduled vacation that she would not be able to cancel. The trial was expected to last six to eight weeks at the time, and Judge Walls promised that she would be able to take her vacation. When she requested to be dismissed from the jury due to the upcoming vacation, Judge Walls honored that request.

After her dismissal, Arroyo-Maultsby took the unusual step of speaking to the media about the details of the jury’s deliberations.

“They are just trying to throw a good man under the bus,” she told NJ.com in an interview at her residence.

“Arroyo-Maultsby, a Democrat, expressed support for Menendez, saying that she’s pretty sure she voted for him previously and “absolutely” would vote for him after this trial, NJ.com reported, adding:

She said there was also deep division on the charge that Menendez made a false statement on his Senate disclosure forms. The dismissed juror said she was the only one who thought he was not guilty of this offense initially.

At one point, she allowed the others to convince her he was guilty, but cried about it overnight, feeling like she had been wrongly swayed. On Thursday, she returned to the deliberations intending to vote not guilty on the charge, and believes she may have convinced others.

“I would’ve never slept” if she had not changed her vote, Arroyo-Maultsby said.

While it is highly unusual for a dismissed juror to comment publicly about the deliberations conducted by a jury prior to their dismissal, it is apparently not illegal to do so.  more here

14 Comments on Jury Informs Judge They Are Deadlocked in Public Corruption Trial of Sen. Robert Menendez

  1. Although admittedly not proven
    the brave Mitch McConnell
    should refuse to seat him anyway
    just as
    his promised refusal to seat Roy Moore
    without an iota of proof !

  2. One of the lesson to learn from this trial is that, when vetting a jury when a politician is involved, do the jurors have a basic understanding concerning the role and responsibilities of the defendant. In this trial, one juror asked the judge for an explanation of what a senator is and/or does.

  3. When the founding fathers included the provision of a “trial by jury of your peers”. in the constitution, they never imagined how ignorant and illiterate the population would become in 240 years.

  4. How is jury nullification of the theatre of a troupe (singular) that can not even charge Hillary with any of the lesser acts supporting her treason, a bad thing??

  5. The libs got somebody (or a few) onto the jury. That’s why the bastard was always smiling. The DA needs to retry this guy right now and pay special attention to the jury pool on the next election. The juror that was dismissed needs to be investigated because it’s obvious she lied when questioned whether she could be unbiased.

  6. The art of jury selection is far more important these days than the actual knowledge of the law when it comes to trial lawyers….so important in fact that many large law firms hire specialists and specialized companies whose SOLE job is to assist them in seating a jury sympathetic to the view the lawyer wishes to espouse. The fact that the average American/voter has the IQ and common sense of a turnip makes it highly unlikely that ANYONE in America can ever actually get a fair trial.

  7. Menendez is no more (and no less) corrupt than the rest of his colleagues.
    McConnell is certainly more corrupt – as are Harry Reid, Schumer, and a host of others. Menendez ran afoul of Obola, if memory serves, on some issue that Obola had glommed onto to help destroy some other aspect of American values and freedoms.
    The corruption started way before the passage of the 17th Amendment, but was exponentially increased afterwards, and, concomitantly with the passage of the 16th, the Senators have been able to steal directly from the taxpayers with impunity.
    Menendez is guilty of “constituent service” – and nothing more (or less).

    Part of the purpose of the “Great Leviathan” Gov’t scam is to so confuse and befuddle American citizens that they HAVE to rely upon the good offices of their Senators or Representative (or some expensive shyster) to navigate the rocks and shoals of Government Regulations and Agencies.

    It is NOT an “unintended consequence” of grotesque and bloated bureaucracy, but one of the prime motivations – and we have been aware of this since the days of the Medes (or before).

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. The ones who are set on letting him go only understand ‘but he wants to give me free shit. what wrong with that?’

    The swamp creatures will have taken over is this guys skates.

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