Jury Sides With Sheriff David Clarke In Facebook Free Speech Case

Daily Caller: A federal jury ruled in favor of former Sheriff David Clarke Monday in a lawsuit alleging that his Facebook posts infringed on a man’s right to free speech.

Dan Black, 25, shared a flight with Clarke in 2017, which ended with the former sheriff detaining him when the plane landed, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported. Black reportedly shook his head at Clarke before the plane took off, apparently causing Clarke to feel threatened. Black filed a formal complaint with the Milwaukee police after his release, but Clarke made two posts on the Milwaukee Sheriff’s Office Facebook page which Black claims were so intimidating that he was dissuaded from ever seeking a redress of grievances from a government official, allegedly violating his right to free speech.

The jury disagreed, siding with arguments from Clarke’s lawyer, Charles Bohl. Bohl argued that rather than infringing on his right to free speech, Black’s incident with Clarke only encouraged it, as the man conducted three TV interviews in the days afterward.  read more

3 Comments on Jury Sides With Sheriff David Clarke In Facebook Free Speech Case

  1. 🔴 TWO CRYBABIES 🔴 ( I love David Clarke and all but…..)

    1. Shaking your head at someone is not “intimidating.” People are allowed to communicate displeasure in a free society. (Minus point, Clarke)

    2. Detaining the man was a form of harassment.
    (Minus point, Clarke)

    3. Facebook posts are not illegal nor was it threatening.
    (Minus point, Black)

    4. Black’s free speech was not threatened in any way.
    (Minus point, Black)

    5. Filing a complaint and going to court is ALSO harassment……that back-fired this time.
    (Minus point, Black)

    🔴 Two people trying to bully each other. Waste of energy, both of them. 🔴


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