Jussie Smollett Judge Denies Motion for Mistrial as Brothers Say He Planned ‘Attack’

NeonNettle: The judge in the trial against disgraced actor Jussie Smollett has denied a motion for a mistrial from the defense.

The ruling came after damning testimonies from brothers Abimbola Osundairo and Olabinjo Osundairo who told the court Smollett paid them to fake beat up the former “Empire” star.

The Osundairos said Smollett planned the whole “attack” and instructed them to make it look like a “hate crime” carried out by supporters of President Donald Trump.

In its motion for a mistrial, the defense claimed they were not able to properly cross-examine one of the accused Osundairo brothers. more here

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  1. What does the fact that Jussie saw an emergency room doctor have to do with him faking the whole thing? If they did not rough him up a little bit it would have been clear that it was a hoax from the get go.

  2. Am I the only one that has grown weary of hearing about this story? We’ve known that this was a hoax from the git go. Now it’s just about enduring the legal process.

    Go away, Juicy.

  3. @PHenry

    The only interest left (for me) is the outcome. The criminal justice system as a whole is on trial just as much as this clown.

    Many of the OJ jurors later admitted that they were not going to convict him regardless, that an accounting needed to be made, a tit for tat if you will to balance prior injustices to the black man. Now with Kyle walking, something that has absolutely nothing to do with racial inequities, even more pressure will be leveraged to not convict.

  4. Rich Taylor — that’s why I’m very glad the co-hoaxters are also black. And BTW, why aren’t they also on trial for their parts? If our justice worked honestly they would also be on the stand defending their acts. And then deported.

    Justice is no longer blind; she has double vision.

  5. @AA

    It could be that they were given immunity for their testimony. Both brothers are an integral part of the prosecution’s case, immunity allows them to testify freely which goes a long way in proving Smollet’s guilt.

  6. Something else that I pray would come out of this trial — the reason why the Illinois State’s Atty Office dismissed Smollett’s case AFTER the 18 count indictment — and the corruption surrounding State Atty Kimberly Foxx. There’s been a lot of stuff floating around Since Smollett’s arrest, including campaign contributions, a lot of back-scratching/political ties, etc. I think this is the bigger story (that will never get told). I’m sick and tired of people like Kamala Harris getting off scott free for their parts in perpetrating these colossal hoaxes! Cripes! She doubled down when asked if she would change anything about how she supported Smollett.

  7. Rich — the obvious problem of course is that, first of all, the prosecution had more than enough evidence to indict all three of them from the onset. While the brothers would not have been compelled to witness against themselves, there was video of them purchasing the needed supplies, for starters. It seems as though prosecutors have gone the way of “journalists”; they’re not investigators, but mere “news readers.”

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