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Just a reminder… we are never wrong

We know where they are heading, even if they haven’t gotten there … yet.

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  1. The illegals do not need the jab and still will get health coverage. An American citizen can go unjabbed and likely lose health coverage, and maybe social security too.

  2. You can not trust a homo. They all lie. It goes to the root of their character.
    Barry can’t even be publicly honest about who and what he is or what his husband is.

  3. Like illegal immigration hasn’t destroyed the best health care system in the world already.
    Give a democrat a cookie and he’ll spend the rest of his career trying to get ALL the cookies.

  4. Again, the sooner we recognize the real enemy the sooner we can address the problems we have. This is not a Democrat proposal, it’s not Obama’s idea, this is straight from the UN’s “migration replacement initiative”. The UN is 100% captured by international corporations.

    Use DuckDuckGo and search UN migration replacement

  5. I too am always right politically. It’s fairly easy when you’re sane and a history buff. It’s why my far left sister pretty much has ceased communicating with me. I was pooh-poohed decades ago when I tried to warn her about the direction Chicago was heading.

    And now? It’s a fucking war zone with the enemy getting a pass while defending yourself gets you prison.

    Our last go around was over the vax. She ended up blocking my emails rather than read contrary information.

    Same with an old friend in Israel. Absolutely will find no wrong(or irony) with his government mandating experimental drug injection nor the complete OSTRACIZATION of those that won’t comply.


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