Just A Spoonful of Lucre

Among the various cringe-worthy performances put on by Mike Bloomberg over the years was a turn in 2007 as a male Mary Poppins. Watch

12 Comments on Just A Spoonful of Lucre

  1. One sentence opening line, and it looked like he read a que card. Yeah, he is definitely smart enough to rule the people. Thanks Mini-Mike!

  2. And President Trump’s detractors are so snooty saying his behavior isn’t “presidential”. 🙄 President Trump is an alpha male doing a brilliant job and it scares the anti-Trump snowflake community. Apparently, they prefer midgets engaged in buffoonery, liars, evil hags, commies and poofters to lead the most powerful country in the world. Criminy.

  3. LOLOL! After that “performance” Mayor Blunderberg needs to come out of a closet and give Mayor Bootycall a run for his money. It’s very entertaining watching Deemocrats implode

  4. Wow, he didn’t even scream when they lifted him up with that metal hook up his ass!

    Must not be the first time.


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