Just Another Wayward Weather Balloon Spotted in Costa Rica – IOTW Report

Just Another Wayward Weather Balloon Spotted in Costa Rica

Daily Mail-

ANOTHER Chinese spy balloon is spotted: Mystery ‘surveillance device’ floated over Costa Rica before reaching Venezuela, the Pentagon confirms amid frenzy over airbone spyware in the air over the United States


Might it be germ warfare?

Come up with a cure for a deadly disease and release it to the rest of the world.

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  1. I wish I understood what the Chicoms are doing here. They had to plan for this to make the feckless fuck look like the weak cowardly and corrupt pussy he really is.

    Where is the value added to China, they already own and control the stooge, what is the payoff to tarnish him just prior to the SOTU?

    The BLS just masturbated the job numbers to make Pedo Pete look good even though every other keyemployment statistic is the same or getting worse, and the WH had to know these 99 luft balloons were going to step all over the cooked books.

    My theory is WW3 and prepping the Battlefield for the Commiela Child.

    They understand demented mush mind is has a tendency to see himself as a tough guy make the combination of his hubris, stupidity, and obvious dementia to unpredictable for their taste.

    Better a vapid, asnine, and imbecilic child to fight than someone with so many screws loose.

    They are both just wax dummies anyway and ValJar/Soros really run America so what’s up?

    You IOTW critters are brilliant so help me out.

  2. China is free to do whatever they want in our country. They have no respect for the Biden Crime Family. Gotta hunch China has a lot of blackmail evidence to keep Biden right where they want him. And our military? What a disgrace. When complete losers like Biden, Obama, and the Clintons are in charge, strong leaders are forced out of the military. Unqualified, limp wristed faggots like Milley and Austin are put in charge. China knows we are very weak and highly vulnerable. China is most likely behind the movement to have our military compromised by forcing all our troops to take the suicide jab.

  3. “… China has a lot of blackmail evidence to keep Biden right where they want him.”

    Who would prosecute him?
    Certainly not the DOJ! Get serious! The Retarded Pedophile Usurper Joey’s criminalities are matters of public record!
    NOBODY in LE or the judiciary gives a fuck! Apparently there’s enough swag to go around and the judges, cops, and FBLiars are solidly bought – even if on the cheap.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Just one Catch-22 after another with this “administration”. If they shoot it down they will have to answer more questions than if they just let it fly by. What ever they settle on will just be a dump truck full of lies anyway so letting it fly by makes that packet of lies more plausible. Thats pretty much how the government runs when the “adults” (Democrats) are back in charge. How much was the defense budget this go around again? 1.3 Trillion? *Sigh*

  5. The only thing keeping China from attacking the U.S. is the fear of up to 200 million armed civilians… NOT the fear of the U.S. military!

  6. How come no one saw it over the Pacific, where it could have been easily and safely shot down? We don’t pay people to have a DUTY to look for things approaching our country from the Pacific?

    …unless they were sub launched, in which case it should be treated as an act of war.

    Unless you’re OK with whatever hell those are releasing on your citizens.

    These are not spy satellites and not weather satellites.

    This is an attack.

    And “our” government not responding means they are on the same side.

  7. “- It comes after a different Chinese balloon hovered over Montana and Missouri”

    A balloon that ‘hovers’ is not a ballon. It’s a drone.

  8. The only reason I can think of for not shooting that down over the US, it’s not Chinese. Probably NSA/CIA/FBI.

  9. Balloons (from another post)
    Maybe they’ve worked out the New Variant for the Next Pandemic.
    Could be a test flight to determine effective use of Balloons as distribution for Biological warfare across the US.

    Cheaper than sending infected chinese citizens by Commercial flight, like the last time.

    Of course China could be surveying all the US Land they’ve bought with Bill Gates.

  10. It’s the weekend so Joey is getting his transfusion, electric shock, chemical cocktail treatment, whatever it is that keeps him going so any decisions in regards to this will just have to wait until Monday. Or Tuesday if he works on the same schedule as Congress.

  11. Some questions: What altitude is necessary to trigger an EMP? How much would such a nuclear weapon weigh? How much can these balloons carry? Could this be a test?

  12. I saw one of those in our New Mexico turquois sky a couple of years ago. A weather balloon, what else could it be???

  13. The CCP chinamen and white privilege racist Joe Biden relish the idea of aerolized virus spread among the public. CCP has already announced their intentions of doing such, with Joe Biden’s knowledge, approval, and anticipation of yet another cash cow.

  14. Certainly, if this is spy balloon it would be transmitting a signal that could be identified with a receiver.
    Ditto for a weather balloon. Either way, spying for China or the US spying on citizens, it did not just show up blindly.

  15. Jam its radio signals and then shoot it down where it will do no harm when it lands. Then investigate what it really is.

  16. …just remember that the Chinese people got an ACTUAL, live virus vaccine that the American people did NOT.

    So THEY are vaccinated against things maybe WE are not.

    Perhaps things that can be delivered on the winds by balloon.

    Just saying.

  17. The Balloon is ours…the Biden WH is mapping locations of interest, whether they be houses with guns, Republicans, hate speech populations…whatever location that the communication tech gives them. This is why it is Classified, not because the narrative is Chinese. This is why it was destroyed after the mission was completed. This is why the recovery is being described as a sensitive operation attempting to protect our methods etc. More lies will be promoted to protect the narrative and even the Chinese will play dumb in exchange for Taiwan. The Coup is done, the information is being gathered, the Propaganda is softening the public and the Racial structure is being promoted so that we can be murdered without consequence..

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