Just Because Ken Burns Thinks Zuckerberg Belongs In Jail Doesn’t Mean He is Red-Pilled, I Think it’s the Opposite

The Daily Mail reports –

  • Burns, famed documentary filmmaker, blasted Facebook founder Zuckerberg 
  • He called Zuckerberg ‘an enemy of the state’ and said he thinks he belongs in jail 
  • Burns also hit out at Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, saying she was ‘complicit’ 
  • He said Zuckerberg, Sandberg, and other tech moguls should face a tribunal 
  • ‘The Nuremberg of this, is if it ever happens, which it won’t, will be pretty interesting,’ Burns told New York Times podcaster Kara Swisher
  • Burns, a prominent Democrat, did not say why he thinks Zuckerberg is a traitor 

This should give you a clue as to where creepy Burns’ mindset is-

… asked who Burns thought ‘would be the version of Muhammad Ali in 100 years?’

Burns mentioned Stacey Abrams, the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial candidate.

‘She’s the real deal,’ Burns said. ‘I mean, I hope Zuckerberg is in jail by then.’

You see, Burns thinks Zuckerberg belongs in jail, and I think it’s because Zuckerberg, in the left’s view, hasn’t gone far enough in completely clamping down on any conservative voice whatsoever.

Facebook is not totalitarian enough for the effete bowl-cut man child.

And he has the balls to mention Nuremberg. lol.

15 Comments on Just Because Ken Burns Thinks Zuckerberg Belongs In Jail Doesn’t Mean He is Red-Pilled, I Think it’s the Opposite

  1. He’s a douche.
    He lives in Walpole, NH and owns a restaurant and store there. Actually really good restaurant.
    For some reason some famous leftists and their relatives have moved there and bought up properties. (Including Wes Craven’s.)
    He’s a loony leftist through and through.
    I don’t know what his beef is with Suckerberg but just because he’s mad at one of the rich guys who think they can rewrite the Constitution and turn us into another CCCP doesn’t mean anything except he’s ticked off for some reason.
    He may be just looking for publicity. Which he’s getting.

  2. Yep, exactly this is them threatening FB because they aren’t going far enough. For example many of their disinformation dozen (really 13 people but libs can’t count) still have FB accounts where they post about health, natural treatments for illness and cancer etc. You can’t threaten Big Pharma’s 100(s) billion dollar market. These people pushing and threatening Zuck are not on the side of freedom. And you start to see we are under total control by a small group of lunatics that believes they can threaten, black mail and use money to incentivize compliance of their control agenda.

  3. Before a celeb calls for censorship he or she should have his or her own work censored, say for a month, just so they fully understand what it is they are advocating for.

    I’ll be “boycotting” Ken Burns for the next year (or more).

  4. And the “journalismist” (LOL) podcaster didn’t follow up and ask Burns WHY he thinks Zuck should be in jail?

  5. When Burns uses the phrase “Enemy of the State” he sounds exactly like Big Brother. Maybe he never read 1984. He should have.

    Its a poor choice of words to use for Zuckerberg, who is really a Hero of the State.

  6. If you don’t do anything else this year, go to Youtube and watch the Ken Burns spoof documentary called the ‘Old Negro Astronaut Program’. It will be one of the funniest things you will see in your lifetime.

  7. Burn’s ‘History Of Jazz’ is full of racist bullshit start to finish and features lots of commentary from avowed racist Wynton Marsalis.

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