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I’m not smiling, YOU’RE smiling…

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  1. We had a similar experience with my grandson, only it was his eyesight. He wasn’t blind, but damn near. We didn’t realize it until he was 3 or so. Anyway, his first pair of glasses opened up the whole world for him!tears of joy and gratitude when you see that!

  2. @Brad ~ yep, they’re like cats … they’re cute when they’re little, but then they grow up to be hissing acid heads

  3. I know Rumble is trying and I appreciate their effort but would someone let me know when their software & servers are up to snuff like YouTube.

    Yes YouTube is the enemy but right now they are a #9 at the strip joint while Rumble is the #2 crack-whore that takes the stage at 6 AM…

  4. I frikking hate COVID masks tho! That mom wearing a mask (are the staff wearing them too?) hides sooo much communication for a developing mind, especially one with special needs! Hate the Masks!!


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