Just expressing myself

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  1. How many Fredo’s would a Fredo fuck fuck,
    if a Fredo fuck could fuck Fredo’s?

    (I’m finding the “F” word loses significance after repeated use. Fuck it.)

  2. My Cousin Fredo….
    Cool Hand Fredo…
    Fredo and the Henderson’s….
    The Fredo Bunch…
    The Good, The Bad and the Fredo’s…
    For a Few Fredo’s more…
    Two and a Half Fredos….
    The Big Bang Fredo’s….

  3. Fur Hat formulate this for me too please. . .
    Does Freddy Fredos ped-o-powered cruiser ped-o-metre measure in cash, grass or sass per litre per square block Fredo publicly parades his ped-o-metric proclivities?


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