Just Gonna Post This Clinton Team Voter Fraud Story Again For the Dimwits Who Want Trump To Unconditionally Accept the Results of an Election 3 Weeks From Now

Clinton campaign contractor caught in voter-fraud video sting is a felon who visited the White House 342 times – including a meeting in the OVAL OFFICE – but Obama’s spokesman won’t defend him

Robert Creamer was caught on camera talking about ways to commit large-scale voter fraud and pay liberal activists to start fights and disrupt Donald Trump rallies. He met with Obama last October.

9 Comments on Just Gonna Post This Clinton Team Voter Fraud Story Again For the Dimwits Who Want Trump To Unconditionally Accept the Results of an Election 3 Weeks From Now

  1. The way I understood Donald Trump is “do NOT expect me to unconditionally accept the initial results of the balloting November 8th if it looks punk, strange, and the math doesn’t add up”. If memory serves correctly, Gore/Bush Jr. had to fight it to the Supreme Court over the funky results, especially in Florida. So Trump was being smart, and Martha Rattazz and the rest of them can pound sand if they don’t like his response. It was serving notice to Barky, Hitllary et al. if they try monkey business, we will tear up the results and start recounts by hand of the paper ballots. Diebolt and Soros be damned.

  2. The Fox News NeverTrump crew immediately pounced on this.
    Weird-especially after Project Veritas and Wikileaks-Trump is entitled to be skeptical.
    My FB newsfeed is filled with wimmin and pajama boys espressingly utter outrage at Trumps “nasty woman’ comment. LOL!

  3. Why is Clinton not asked the question whether she will support the results of the election? This is the second time it has been asked of Trump and never has the question been posed to Hillary! Why? Has anyone else noticed this bias?

    Sick of this corruption!

  4. Of course, this pig Creamer who was a frequent visitor to the White House is a DIABOLICAL man who spent his life in frauds of all kinds…the latest is this ELECTION…will the MSM follow this scum and the story???? NOT A CHANCE! How can this type of fraud be fought?

  5. I couldn’t believe they even asked the question.

    you never ask a question you don’t know the answer to.

    it was a set up.

    damned if he did and damned if he didn’t.

    the globalists know the election rigging has been exposed and it scares them.

  6. From Rasmussen today:

    “Voters aren’t buying the story that the Russians are trying to manipulate the election for Trump but think the U.S. media is trying to swing things for Clinton.”


    Once again, Trump sticks to his guns and is vindicated. So STFU and take Midol, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, Byron York etc. if this ankle-biting is the best you can manage.

    BTW, Rasmussen also said the race is dead even, with Trump leading by 2 within the MOE.

  7. Evidently this Creamer scumbag is married to noted Bolshevik Jan Schakowsky – Illinois 9th District congressman

  8. How can so many journalists and newscasters be so in bed with the libs? I’m so damn disgusted I can’t stand it! And how can so many people accept what these assholes force feed us every day?

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