Just how f*cking fat is this guy that Christie has to tell him to “slim down”?

Christie tells National Guard leader to slim down


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TownHall: TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Gov. Chris Christie wants the leader of New Jersey’s National Guard to shape up.

The governor has given Air Force Brig. Gen. Michael Cunniff 90 days to slim down and meet his obligations.

The action comes after Christie’s staff told The Washington Post

that the governor was unaware the general had been reprimanded by the Pentagon about his weight and for repeatedly dodging physical-fitness tests.

The newspaper obtained the records under the Freedom of Information Act.

Christie declined a request for an interview.

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“The Governor has expressed directly to the General that his failure to meet that standard or to provide notification of his formal reprimand is both unacceptable and disappointing,” Christie spokesman Kevin Roberts said in an emailed statement.

The governor has given Cunniff 90 days to slim down and “meet his obligations,” Roberts wrote.  MORE

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  1. I never had overweight commanders in the AF. This guy should have been rif’d over this. I’m sure his overweight subordinates are on the “fat boy” list and have to comply or they get the boot.

  2. I wonder if the military would pay for the general to have weight loss surgery? Christie had the surgery, and I’m sure the taxpayers payed for it. not really fair, is it?

  3. Exactly what I was thinking. Atkins induction phase and then Adkins for life.
    I can eat 50 carb grams a day and not gain, however, prefer to keep it lower. Refined carbs taste like so much saw dust to me now.

  4. Chalupa, Which way did he go George originally came from Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. Lon Chaney Jr. played Lennie in the movie and asked George (Burgess Meredith) that question. After that it was parodied forever by Warner Bros. cartoons.

  5. Agree Eugenia. I just went further than the Atkins about 2 weeks ago. I am trying to get down to my “wedding weight” because of the arthritis neck to toes. What I’m trying is Keto-Adapted (guide to accelerated weight loss and healthy healing) by Maria Emmerich. Medium chain triglycerides, near zero carbs, etc. I need 25 lbs off my knees and back. NO oils other than coconut or olive and MCTs because of inflamation. Only lost 2 -3 lbs, but clothes are bagging so I know the scale will soon catch up. It will have to be a way of life, but at my age :-), it’s not that long. Hee, hee, hee! Plus, everyone’s got a cross.

  6. Good luck Plain Jane. I am looking for the pre-wedding weight. There are a bunch of good ketogenic cookbooks available for Kindle. I’ll check into the book you mentioned.

    If you have Aldi’s stores they have a good brand of cold pressed unrefined virgin coconut oil at a great price. It’s in the baking section.

    One book I recommend is Robert Lustig’s ‘Sugar Has 56 Names: A Shoppers Guide’. It’s an eye opener about hidden sugars. We had a box of Bob Evans sausages that said 0 grams of sugar, however, the ingredients listed high fructose corn syrup. WTH!? Bottom line the sugar industry bullied the FDA so only 6 types of sugar have to be listed in the percentages. The other 50 can be hidden in the lengthy ingredient lists.
    So now I am a fanatic label reader.

    This is an hour and 1/2 lecture by Dr. Lustig on ‘Sugar, The Bitter Truth’. It’s exceptional.
    Between all the added sugars and the USDA/doctors/nutritionists recommending massive amounts of carbs in the diet for decades it’s now wonder we have obesity and diabetes at epidemic levels.

    Baggy clothes are a great reward!

  7. So are you two lifting weights? Don’t make me go into my bone density speech for mature hot women damn it. Not to mention burnt muscle tissue burns calories all day long. It’s the fountain of youth ladies.

  8. @ Bad_Brad
    Yes Brad, weight lifting and resistance not to mention my favorite – squats! Mature? Er um I am only, er um, old enough to have disco danced when I was 2 yrs old. Yeah, that’s right, 2 yrs.
    I walk a lot, sprint occasionally and refuse to run distances any more.
    A healthy good night to all.

  9. @ Eugenia. Thank you so much for all the information. All the years I struggled to loose then maintain while trying to do it in the confines of the medical information that was available made me really P.O.d.

    When I discovered I had diabetes in the late 90s, I was sent to a nutritionist who was certified by the diabetic establishment. By the time I saw her, I had already discovered via the internet, the glycemic index. She, told me, NO, I cannot eat a can of drained sardines because there was too many fats in them. I could have a maximum of 3 sardines. I could have a half cup of WHITE RICE though. That was when I made a decision that the mainstream “authorities” knew poop.

    Sadly though, until I finally read Adkins book a few years ago, I kept my fats under 15 grams a day and carbs under 30. Now I am trying to acclimate myself to many more fats. I hate the food pyramid and the mainstream “authorities.”

  10. @ Bad Brad,
    I wanted to lift weights for years. Even found a personal trainer back in the 90s who would work with me outside of a gym. Stupid doctor’s release (with unfounded stipulations) tripped me up to the point that I gave up. I’ve tried since, but the bozos I’ve encountered at the gyms don’t know how to work with arthritic little old ladies. I have an appointment tomorrow with a pain doc, and I’m requesting PT to strengthen supporting muscles. Hopefully it will work. PT helped me regain shoulder strength to where I can pump out 90 rounds at the range. Still can’t shoot the AK, but can my glocks and a light rifle.

    Leaving for range right now.

  11. Jane, I fight the arthritis too. It hurts worse when I don’t train but you need to understand how to train. I never let my doctors tell me what I can or can’t do in the gym. Quite frankly I don’t have a lot of respect for doctors when it comes to that. Why not try finding a decent gym and finding a woman trainer or a women approx your age and see if she can SLOWLY point you in the right direction. Train hard but train smart. A little pain is OK but if there’s a movement that causes a lot of pain don’t do it.

  12. @ Bad Brad, gonna do it somehow. During off pool seasons, I do modified mat Pilates, but I have always wanted to do weight training.
    I may be the big 7Ouch, but my head still thinks 28. Thanks for the encouragement Brad and Eugenia.

  13. @Plain Jane and Bad_Brad
    PJ glad to have provided some useful information. Another eye opener for me is that most doctors, minus a few specialties, are not required by an medical schools in the US to take even a single nutrition class. They are the last people who should be dispensing diet information. I do not need to be handed out of date sheets of paper printed from the Internet.

    Gary Taubes has 2 excellent books ‘Good Calories, Bad Calories’ close to 500 pages and the entire history of nutrition and dieting. It’s mind blowing how very little research and science backs up the whole low fat/low protein/ high carb diets that have foisted on us for decades. There is a lot of biochemistry in this book and he does a great job of explaining so a lay person can understand.His 2nd book is easier to read and not as lenghty, ‘Why we Get Fat and What to Do About It’.
    He has since founded NuSi which of is not exactly appreciated by main stream ‘nutritionists’.

    Weight lifting – I can only do 25 lbs safely due to a missing abdominal muscle and 2 surgical hernia meshes (cancer 14 yrs ago). I figure every bit helps.
    I’m 60 and rarely get joint or bone aches. Yoga has helped immensely and I highly recommend it for those past their 40’s. There are many levels and types including chair yoga for the less able bodies. It’s all about the stretching, gaining flexibility, breathing and stress relief. PJ you may want to check it out. Really good yoga teachers can also give direction on an all around exercise program.

    I ditched cows milk and calcium supplements long ago and get calcium from leafy greens and the occasional unsweetened almond milk. The aches and pains went away after ditching cows milk.

    A physical therapist is also a good place to start as you mentioned above

  14. Eugenia and Bad Brad, you guys are great.

    Oh my goodness. I think you just gave me a new goal Eugenia. I went down a jean sizes with the Adkins that I was on for two years, but came to a standstill last year. My goal then was to be able to conceal carry in the new size jeans, in comfort. My new goal is now to accidentally moon a few people in even a smaller size jeans. You are good.

    I don’t know if you or Brad saw my posts a ways up, but we ran out of “reply” spaces, so I did the best I could. I didn’t see your post or Brad’s post down here in this lower section until just now.

    I am watching the video you posted – just paused it for a tad. It’s good. I have been so aware of carbs since 98, but lived so long low fat, low carb, I really think I destroyed my ability to burn anything. I’m frantically trying to eat more fat than protein, but because of the brainwashing of the public over the years against MCTs, it’s difficult to find food say, in a restaurant that has sufficient GOOD fats. I can rip away the carbs without a problem when eating out, but not find high good fats.

    I’m going to kick butt. God willing.
    BTW, did 80 rounds at the range today. 🙂 Quite, quite well even except for the Glock 17 on the 25 yard. That target isn’t a saver.

  15. Eugenia, so glad you kicked the cancer. God is good. Praise and Glory be His.

    Will check out all of the resources you mentioned. The titles are more than intriguing. TY again.

  16. Try this. Grab the Glock and make it safe. Make it safe again. Rack the slide, pick something to aim at. Squeeze the trigger. What did the muzzle do?

  17. Yep, got the message. DH keeps telling me not to let the muzzle go up and to control the recoil.

    I knew I was shaky today, although the 10/22 Ruger and I got along very respectably on the 25 yard. I did quite, quite well on the 27 foot with both the 17 and the 26. I usually can call my shots pretty well on that range.

    I do know if I was a retired Chicago LEO, I would qualify to hold my license. However, I missed the grouping a few times and got the spleen area twice. That bummed me out.

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