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Just In – Biden Has Angry Outburst During Speech

Agitation is a Symptom of Dementia –

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  1. Love getting scolded by a lying, cheating, corrupt, philandering, plagiarizing, pedophiliac old coot with a dirty diaper …. Good fun

  2. Yeah Joe, like looking at your kids for the past 2 years and knowing they aren’t getting the education they are being taxed for.

  3. Whatever happened to that smiling, friendly banjo playing kid on that porch in Georgia? He was so much more entertaining.

  4. Yes. They need to be able to go and socialize with people. They need to see faces. They need to explore. They need to go outside and not stay at home and become more addicted to electronic entertainment. They need to be protected from experimental drugs that offer them no benefit but come loaded with potential negative side effects.

    That’s what they need, dammit.

  5. I think he was remembering his own spawn, Hunter. That time Hunter needed some meth and joe didn’t have any left.

  6. SO WHAT!!!! Nothing will be done, just like the criminal activities of his son, fauxcci, hilllary, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer and on and on and obamination!

    But let a patriot spit on the street, and WHAM! Bidenhistime’s GestapoFBI is on it like flies on 💩

    Where the hell is Elliot Ness when we need him?!!

  7. Them shaky old man hands, like he just washed them and there’s no towel. Or his meds made him see bugs skittering around on his fingers.

  8. Just wait until the Republicans control congress and he really can’t get anything done. His frustration meter will hit 11. Maybe it’ll cause the final stroke.

  9. I sniff a girls hair and know what I need, but I’m not able to do it! Can you imagine how that makes me feel?

  10. All that needed was a shart sound and then him getting a really surprised look and then waddling off stage like jerry nadler.

  11. The media has stopped calling Joe angry when he has these splenetic outbursts. Now they treat him like he’s a groundbreaking, profane, edgy stand-up comic, and we are the rubes who fail to grasp his authenticity, passion and “deadpan” delivery.

    Come on, you dolts, try to keep up. Robinette Rickles Bruce is way ahead of you. Even Howard Stern is trying to imitate this guy.

  12. Dumb shit gives the same infrastructure speech everytime…

    Gets more agitated everytime he tells this part of the script..

    Blah, blah. McDonalds parking lot WIFI, blah blah.

    Their “get the demented Pedo in front of the people more” concept is going to backfire spectacularly because he can’t stop with the ranting and creepy whispers.

    We can only hope the stupid old fuck strokes out in front of us.

  13. Got to be about vaccines for children. Apparently, Joe is trying to show just how evil parents who wont protect their children from what is now a mild cold virus with a shot that can kill them can be.

    Has any president ever talked about ANY group of people in this manner. Did Roosevelt ever go this apeshit talking about Nazis? This ranks up there with the way Hitler spoke about Jews

  14. I no longer have any kind of tolerance for liberals. I despise every cell in their body. I’m sick of them telling me what’s good for me and my family. I’ve lost my ability to look the other way. Now, when I’m told to put a mask on before entering their store, I look them in the eye and say FUCK OFF. Interesting that they leave me alone–must be they know I mean it and don’t want a scene.

  15. Dr. Tar, he’s clearly yelling at himself regarding his own failures raising his kids. He’s living in a fantasy moment where he has the parental fortitude to yell “NO!” at his coked up incestuous son.

    It’s all subliminal for him but it’s so close to the surface I imagine he’ll blurt something interesting out eventually.

  16. Ah, move along nothin here to see. Maybe just maybe you getting a sorta payback for making people listen & put up with, you know who. If fact they claim that was one of the main reasons for giving him the kick out the door.

  17. No, Joe. I can’t imagine looking at my child the way you look at children. The way you looked at Ashley during one of your “not quite appropriate showers”. You sick fuck.

  18. He’s ranting about the increases in the price of insulin.

    You know, the same guy who doubled the price of insulin his first day in office.

    C’mon man!


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