Just Like That…

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  1. @Thirdtwin Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah…snort, gasp, wheeze, fart…bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. I thought it hilarious in 2016 that black men would choose to vote for an old white woman so dishonest as to claim to walk around with hot sauce in her purse instead of Donald Trump who had been a kinda cult hero to rappers for years.

  3. What educated person uses the word ‘ain’t’?? He was using ebonics to be ‘down with them’, trying to show some type of street cred. Other self serving politicians have done this shit, like Hillary and Al Bore.

    Ain’t, is not even a ‘word’.

  4. You ain’t from the south are ya Ghost. I’m pretty danged educated if I do say so myself and I use the word all the time ….. partly because I’m lazy and partly because people in my neck of the woods look atcha funny when you say “isn’t”. “Ain’t” is a perfectly valid word where I live.

    But ol’ Slow Joe ain’t from the south either, so he shouldn’t get away with trying to adapt what he thinks is “black folk’s” lingo.

  5. I’m hoping she was trying to be cute with her response. I hope even more that it was her way of telling others to wake up to the identity politics the left has been using for over 100 years to control people.
    MAGA! and KAG!

  6. Aaaand just like that, she’s a white woman! Hmmmm, that was easy.

    Hey Joe do me a favor and tell me I aint fat of I support Trump. I could stand to lose a few pounds.

  7. So.. Sleepy Joe from South Scranton don’t you know. He and his bestie, CornPop, boosted cars for White’es chop shop back in the day.


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