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Just Like Trump Predicted – He’s Doing Well With Hispanics


Despite his controversial rhetoric on illegal immigration and his call for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, there’s little evidence to suggest that Trump is lagging among Hispanic voters.

In 2012, President Barack Obama beat Romney by 47 percent among Hispanic voters in Nevada. According to a recent Marist poll for NBC News/The Wall Street Journal, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton leads with Hispanics in the state by a margin of 35 percent.

 A “poll decoder” from Bloomberg Politics showed on Tuesday that, on average, Clinton leads Trump with Hispanics by 38 points. In 2012, Obama won with 44 percent of Hispanic voters, according to exit polls.

Despite the numbers, Democrats remain optimistic of Clinton’s chances.


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  1. Zero Hedge: Couple charts gives a good perspective

    A comment I liked on Zero Hedge:
    A country is basically two things: the land, and the people living over that land.

    What made America the best (IMO) country in the world was THE PEOPLE. Keep importing third-worlders and expecting to be the same country is utterly IDIOTIC. Get rid of Americans and move all the people from South America to the north, and you will end up with the exact crap South America is now but in Colorado, Washington, California, and so on. And that’s exactly what is going on, bring those people over and they will end up voting for the same third-world policies and third-world politicians that made their native countries pieces of crap.

    A wall shouldn’t be built in the border, instead people should be allowed to shoot to kill trespassers, no questions asked. For the right price, hunting expeditions to the border could be organized for the psychos. Don’t worry Liberals, a lot less people will die than you think because of the dissuasive effect.

  2. “move all the people from South America to the north, and you will end up with the exact crap South America is now but in Colorado”

    truer words were never spoken!

  3. I think all of the polls are skewed by at least 5 to 10 points against Trump, including racial polling. Many people, myself included simply won’t admit their support of Trump to an unknown person.

    I want my property damaged about as much as I need another hole in my head!

  4. old_oaks,
    Yep. It’s amazing that I haven’t seen one single political sign in any yard in my neighborhood or surrounding neighborhoods. There’s usually several per block, usually 90% GOP. I doubt all those folks are GOPe “NeverTrumpers” though I suppose some are.

    Vandalism is why I’ve never put a sign on my property.

  5. To Zero Hedge: The land, the people and THE RULES are what make our country. If upon arriving you don’t have enough respect to play by them, then the entire foundational strength begins to erode. At this point
    Latinos make up 11.1 million of the US population(that we know of). This morning Maria Bartiromo interviewed Julissa Arce – ex-analyst for Goldman Sachs turned author of ‘My (Underground) American Dream’. She was making $340k at Goldman as an undocumented immigrant. Paying taxes etc. but living in fear her ex-boyfriend was going to turn her in to the IRS and that they would then connect the dots, her migraines from hell – you get the picture. (see https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/sep/13/julissa-arce-undocumented-immigrant-memoir-goldman-sachs) So you ask yourself, if she is that brilliant why not go through the process to become …. a citizen?
    Side bar: Maria gave the numbers this morning – Hillary 66% to Trump’s 22% of the Latino vote …. speaking of playing by the rules, do these numbers come as any surprise?

  6. PS: Julissa Arce said she would NEVER vote for the Donald …. wondering if she was paid well for that comment. In late August, the Goldman Sachs Group sent an internal email stating that, after September 1, the firm’s partners were “prohibited from engaging in political activities and/or making campaign contributions to candidates running for state and local offices, as well as sitting state and local officials running for federal office.” The message, first reported by Politico, explained, “The policy change is meant to prevent inadvertently violating pay-to-play rules.”

  7. I’m sure the LEGAL Hispanics are just as sick of the illegal aliens that cross our southern border without going through all the red tape, paperwork, and fees, as the other Americans are.
    And illegal aliens can’t (legally) vote for the Hildabeast anyway. But the Dildocrats will give it that college try anyway, above and beyond what they’ve already done.

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